9 budget-friendly ways to have fun on a date

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Are you tired of looking for fun and budget-friendly date ideas? Going out on a date can be extremely expensive. Especially so if you are residing in a city. The good news is, money crunch or no crunch, there are many things you can do to ensure the date is a success without pinching your pocket. Here are some of the ideas that you can incorporate into your next date!

Date ideas on a budget

1. Nature is free!

If it is your first date, it can also be a bit less intimidating to take them outdoors as the range of activity means awkward silences while struggling for platitudes over the dinner table can be avoided.

2. Prepare a picnic

We have all been to places where an ice-cream can cost more than a three course meal at home so why not go prepared? If you are spending the day with your date then sandwiches and snacks can be the perfect alternative to breaking your bank overdraft. Of course, if your date prefers fine dining and you prefer a ham roll picnic then maybe that’s already a pretty good sign you’re just not compatible.

3. Museums on a rainy day

Museums, art galleries and antique fairs can make the perfect budget date when rain clouds rule out outdoor pursuits. Besides, if you know that your prospective partner has a fascination for these activities then what better way to impress. These venues present stimulating conversation topics that can make a first date fun rather than fraught. If the sun peeps out then street markets and a guided tour around your local town can give you and your date a memorable day.

4. All the fun of the fair

Browse your local paper or search online for community festivals and fairs. Entrance fees are often free or of nominal cost. Laughter is the perfect way to get to know each other on a first date. Show your lighter side as you try to throw the hoops around the cuddly toys and win a prize for your date. If you are an adrenaline junkie then check your partner shares your love of being thrown upside down on an 80 mph helter-skelter ride before booking tickets!

5. Visit an auction house

These can be very entertaining places although not ideal for a first meeting as conversation is restricted. Just watching the skill of the auctioneer at work and the array of fascinating objects up for sale is an ideal way to spend fun time with a prospective loved one. Just remember that the whole purpose is to keep in budget so try not to twitch too much when the antique items come up for sale!

6. Volunteer and go green

No, not green with envy we are talking green dating! Or if you are both environmentally minded then join together by participating in the countless green projects that need volunteers. Get to know each other and simultaneously save the planet. Dating doesn’t have to be selfish or expensive; relationships can prosper by joining together to give a helping hand to the less fortunate.

7. Date at home

An evening in doesn’t have to be dull. Draw the curtains, get the popcorn in and watch that DVD you have both been longing to see in your very own movie house. Try some cooking together and check the veracity of the saying the key to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach. If the sun is shining then why not prepare a barbeque in the garden? You can also order some delicious desserts from online cake delivery in Mumbai services.

8. Quiz nights

Many pubs and clubs often have fun quiz nights where you can take your date along and impress with your knowledge of trivia. For the price of a drink and a small entry fee it’s a low cost way to have a fun-filled evening. This is not recommended if you are likely to answer ‘goosey goosey’ when quizzed about something. It is thus important to also keep the attraction alive between you and your date. Play your strongest part and take your date for a quiz night if only your general knowledge skills are rudimentary.

9. The best dates in life are free

Yes it’s a variation of the old cliché but true nonetheless. A walk in an area of outstanding beauty can be a fitting environment to help make romance blossom. If you have chosen someone from an online dating site it is quite likely they will have shared hobbies. Going biking, walking or rollerblading together can highlight your compatibility without costing the earth.

It doesn’t matter where your date is. All that matters is how the connection is among two people. Keep steady conversations and take an interest in what your date has to say. That is the only key to having a good date night.

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