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How 365TradingFX manages to serve me just the right way -Review 2021 (

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It is okay if you have been on the verge of quitting. It is also okay if everyone keeps telling you, you cannot do this. I know these times are complex, and one needs strong nerves to get through. But I am here to give you something apart from these nerves. Yes, I’m here to guide you through the hard times and help you learn the secrets all successful traders adhere to. I am not just another person who uses the internet and can write whatever comes to his mind. I am a trader who’s been in the profession for around eight years now. My success was not by mere chance. I can say I’ve worked my way to reach where I am. 

The first four years of my career were no less than a disaster. I was a naive trader back then, and everyone ran to take advantage of this. I kept trusting anyone who came my way and hence kept falling into the hands of imposters one after another. Now I can tell from miles away if that’s a cheater. Just kidding, spotting a trickster can be extremely tough and time effort consuming. So why not spend that effort finding reliable partners. 

In these eight years, I have seen many trends come and go. I have also seen people fall in love with things madly and then hate them like anything. But one trend that became popular and continues ruling traders’ hearts is the online forex company one. This is mainly because people do not need to schedule trips to the stock market. Their phones and laptops have brought these distant forums to our fingertips, and this is why traders are not ready to give up on these. 

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Let me give you brief insights into my venture so that you can relate and learn. So I was 25 years old when I decided I had to follow my passion. I was ready to invest all my savings because a large fortune kept swinging in front of my eyes. I googled and soon landed on a forex firm’s web page. The mesmerizing theme, the complex terms, and the striking features coaxed me into signing up for it. Without any authentication, I provided them with all my data and assets. In a period of 3 months, I could see my money going away while I helplessly ran here and there. I kept sending emails and messages, but they ignored me and told me it was a security breach. We don’t believe that we are at fault. I fail to understand who’s responsible for security breaches, if not the firm itself. Well, I gave up on it and joined a new one because by then, I knew forex firms are catalysts in the way of large profits. 

The next one was even worse. They sold my data and blocked my IP. I gave up on these firms. Six months later joined another one and got deceived again. That day I was planning to pack up and go back home. I knew trading was not my thing. While I was going back to my home, I met an old friend’s dad. He asked me what was bothering me, and after knowing, he told me about 365TradingFx. I did not want to give it a chance, but it forced me in. 

I was lucky enough to end up in the hands of a reliable firm; otherwise, this isn’t a wise thing to do. Always carry out thorough market research and then get an account made. 

A good theme

Since my previous platform had so much wrong with it, my attention never reached the theme area. When I first used the chart tool, I thought to myself how the chart background could make the overall process super convenient. Apart from that, everything is rightly placed and doesn’t seem like a fuss on the site. Navigation is so easy. You can easily reach your desired command buttons. When I had to look for the contact us option, I quickly arrived at it. Clicking it led me to another page which was pretty much self-explanatory. The forum icon on the top helps you reach back to the homepage, no matter wherever you’ve ended up exploring it. 

Many traders are not happy with the white background. They say it looks elementary and old school. I cannot invalidate their statements, and this is why I would recommend the platform consider adding an option that lets the users pick between light and dark backdrops. 

Develop a diverse portfolio

When I joined, I was only comfortable trading with stocks. But a good forum lets you explore more and helps you expand your comfort zone. In this attempt, my expert analyst suggested that I try my luck in Crypto. Initially, I was super reluctant. I had no idea how it worked, but 365TradingFX helped me figure that out in no time. Had it not been for this firm, I would’ve never known all the reasonable Bitcoins can bring into one’s life. Apart from Crypto, it lets the traders make use of 200+ trading tools. This way, you can always stand in the form of opportunities and hold onto them. Be it forex, indices, stocks, or commodities. All help you grow as a trader. 

Sleep peacefully

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Sleep only gives you peace and not nightmares when you’re sure your future is in safe hands. After you’ve been through the due process of market survey, this satisfaction comes to you, asked your colleagues, read the security-related documents, and ensured that the company’s top priority is the security of your assets. To look into the security measures, it is advisable to talk to representatives and also go through all the crucial documents uploaded on the landing page under the Legal section. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. There you’ll come across the Privacy policy, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Risk Disclosure statement, Anti Money Laundering Policy, and terms and conditions. Just run through these, and once you see how transparently they have been laid out, you’ll never doubt the fact that your security comes first for the forum. 

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Now and then, we keep hearing news of traders losing data and assets, but no such report has ever struck my ears about this platform. And only users can tell you this because they are aware of the foolproof security measures adopted at the forum. 

Educating the traders

No matter what profession you come from, you will always feel the need to be educated. 365TradingFX is mindful of this. Now, this is the reason why they have put forth a special education section on the website. This helps you get your hands on the e-books, Glossary, FAQs, and Asset Index. All of these are arranged alphabetically to ensure that you reach them in no time. The e-book is provided in a manner that helps naive traders and experienced traders stay updated. These e-books have small descriptive paragraphs which tell you what the book is all about. My favorite book was the one about Capital Management. You can access them even if you’re not a member of the forum. 

Account type

The forum has a total of 4 accounts. Each one of them has been designed keeping in mind the fact that all traders have varying needs. No one account could suit all of them. For this reason, a total of r account types have been added—Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Basic requires the least amount of deposit and Platinum the most. With the increasing guarantee, these accounts provide better and improved features. 

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But remember, you always don’t need the Platinum account. I am a user of the Gold one and do not plan on upgrading because it suits my needs just the right way. My favorite spec of the account is that it gives me a private analyst. These analysts are experts and keep an eye on the ever-changing market scenarios. Their advice and predictions are widely trusted. However, they never attempt to impose what they think. They always say that the final is of the customer. You can always seek their help and get through rough times. 

The Takeaway

365TradingFX fits my needs and has all that I could have ever asked for. I couldn’t write down all that I get here, but I’ve tried to put forward the major specs. You can always count on this forum for reliability and efficiency. But never forget that there is always a margin of improvement. I could not mention the company’s customer care department, which will never fail to impress you with their responsiveness and welcoming attitude. I hope whatever forum you end up choosing makes you a happy trader like me. Good luck.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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