How To Profession Based On Each Astrological Sign

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According to your astrological sign, accountant, artist, judge, What if there was a job that perfectly matched your character? Elke Faraone looked into the question. It determines the typical profiles of each sign to help you boost your Career. And if the movements of the zodiac could speak, what secrets did they reveal? Aries, Taurus, Gemini all have their character. At work, it can form quality leaders, independents, or duos as long as we know who we have in front of us! At the start of school time, particular questions may arise and prevent us from sleeping (without this linked to the Moon’s cycle). Reorientation, change of position, promotion. Are you sure you’ve found your way? In his new work, Dialogue with the zodiac signs (Ed. Pygmalion), Elke Faraone deciphers the profession that best corresponds to your astrological sign. Explanations.

What Profession Made For An Aries Woman Or Man?

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With Aries, it’s all about passion! Otherwise, your job must “make you feel that it can be one “. What motivates him is “the idea of ​​being independent and that there are things to accomplish “. At work, Aries needs to surpass himself constantly. “There have to be challenged to overcome” and “enough leeway” to achieve what he wants. In short, Aries needs to be “trusted” to give the best of themselves.

What Profession Made For A Taurus Woman Or A Taurus Man?

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The first sign of Earth, Taurus, has a very close relationship with money. He needs a job that “earns him enough to protect him and his family from the vagaries of life “. He can “support all the jobs in the world as long as this condition met”

What Profession Made For A Gemini Woman Or Man?

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As a good sign of Air, Gemini needs some freedom in their professional life. He will be all the happier if his job “requires him to travel frequently “. Of course, he will “need to communicate, whether orally or in writing . If the position includes staggered or even free schedules, then that’s fine … While waiting for the next one.”

What Job Is For A Cancer Man Or Woman?

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Several professions can correspond to Cancer. Best of all, it’s a job that he can “preferably do at home or night when his energy is strongest – surely because, [in the dark], he has this impression that time does not exist. More “His imagination will also play a major role:” writer, musician … Genealogist too, because he is passionate about family ties, human memory. And since he adores children and understands them perfectly, everything that concerns them may also suit him.”

What Profession Made For A Leo Woman Or Man?

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The Lion imagines himself “ideally with a profession that he will have created, therefore which would link to a passion” and where he can work in his name. The savannah king needs a job” which would include a particular part dedicated to creativity and where he could be recognized “. Finally, he needs “a job that would adapt to his pace, which is hardly morning. We are talking about the ideal job, and he does not think he is so naive to believe in this reality. Although, the will can bring down mountains.”

What Profession Made For A Virgo Woman Or Man?

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Our Virgo needs a “sustainable profession as a priority . If it appeals to its ability to organize things well and to plan, it is even better “. It is not uncommon for the Virgo to exercise “solitary professions, for the calm which they offer in priority . Management, accounting and the field of control in general “resemble him well. Virgo can also choose to focus “on the health of men or animals because some are as important as others “.

What profession made for a Libra woman or man?

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Libra needs a job that would allow him” to see the world, so with many human contacts. ” Comfortable as soon as she is “in a position to see people and charm them – professionally “. She generally goes for “a job related to justice would suit her very well too, since she does not allow any breach of the law “. However, she is also attracted “by aesthetics professions which relate to it interest her as well as those with an artistic connotation .” Finally if we appeal to its “for her.

What Profession Made For A Scorpio Woman Or Man?

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Several professions can correspond to Scorpio. Of course, exercising a job linked to his “passion would be the most logical answer. But he also needs a profession that allows him to understand the world. Above all, to discover what others are hiding “. Finally, he may be interested” in disciplines deemed risky. Even very dangerous, in the sense that they allow him to overcome his fears “. In any case, he needs a career where he remains autonomous and, as far as possible, alone.

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