Katy Weighted Blanket Review

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There can be no doubt that this is a deeply stressful age that impacts on areas of life. How to deal with stress-induced mental and physical problems are questions frequently posed in today’s troubled world. 

Research indicates that getting deep and restful sleep at night is of prime importance in combating stress. The weighted blanket has become popular in recent years as therapeutic aids in improving sleep patterns, quelling anxiety, and dealing with other stress-related disorders.

What are Weighted Blankets? 

These are just heavy blankets but the weight is produced by stitching glass beads or other materials into the fabric, evenly distributed for absolute comfort. The idea is to effect a feeling of being hugged and soothed. This leads to a relaxed state and followed by a deep and peaceful sleep.

Who Needs Them?

Anyone with a problem of insomnia or other issues like restless leg syndrome, nightmares, hypertension, anxiety, or depression. Children with sleep disorders can also benefit from special kid-sized blankets.

What is a Katy Weighted Blanket? 

Katy blankets are products produced by the Katy Mattress Company. These manufacturers aim to provide quality products at affordable prices and include weighted blankets, mattresses, and covers. They deal with some of the disadvantages in other makes, namely:

  • weight distribution
  • overheating
  • size, weight, and cover choices
  • durability
  • odor, cleaning, and washing

Weight Distribution

The effect of weighted blankets is properly known as Deep Pressure Touch Therapy. In some products, the uneven distribution of the weight across the blanket leaves areas where this positive effect cannot be felt. Katy blankets have smaller pockets of filling double-stitched evenly across the products. The 7-layer design gives the blanket a body-molding quality that helps achieve the desired ‘hug’ effect. Katy blankets also benefit by using quality non-toxic glass beads for the filling instead of plastic or other materials used in other makes.


One of the disadvantages of weighted blankets is the problem with overheating due to the excess heaviness. Katy blankets have 100% multi-cotton breathable fabric outer covers together with the 7-layer design which greatly reduces the risk of this problem. Katy blankets also benefit from weight choices.

Size, weight, and Color Choices

The blankets come in generous queen sizes. Adult weights are 15lb or 20lb in line with the recommended optimum of between 8 and 12% of body weight. The choice of gray or white covers means that there is a warm or cold-weather choice. The silky white cover is lighter for summer and the gray is soft and fleecy-warm for winter months.


The well-made design and strong cotton fabric give the Katy blankets great durability. For reassurance, the company offers a 5-year warranty on their products.

Odor and washing

Again, the superior quality and material used in this make guarantees easy cleaning and washing. They also have a non-toxic filling and are odorless.


This Katy weighted blanket review makes the deal. Reliability in quality and style plus a very reasonable price make the Katy Mattress Company a value-for-money choice in weighted blankets.

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