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A weighted blanket is simply a blanket which contains small objects which make it weighted and heavier than usual. The objects found inside could usually range from glass beads to pellets made of plastic. 

More about weighted blanket

These types of blankets have been used by people who have difficulty sleeping at night, including those with various sleep disorders and things like ADHD, Autism, and even anxiety. The blankets provide a sense of calm and help relieve stress on its users. These kinds of blankets have been used since 1999, although they just recently gained popularity and widespread use.

Now that you understand what it is, you may want to get one. But, the problem on how to choose a weighted blanket that is suitable for you arises. Don’t be troubled; we’ve got you covered.

 Choosing a Weighted Blanket

Before you order or make a purchase, you must first decide on how to choose a weighted blanket appropriate for you.  There are some things you might have to consider in order to enable you make the appropriate and correct choice. These are:

1. Age of the user: Although weighted blankets are widely used, it is advisable to never buy or use a weighted blanket on a child who is below two years of age. 

2. Need of the user: Regarding children, these blankets should never be used forcefully on children without their consent and it is not to cover the neck or head.

3. Weight of the user: It is recommended that the weighted blanket to be used should be about 10% of the users total body weight. 

4. Size of the user: An important consideration would be the size of the intended user of the blanket, and not the actual size of the bed, as the blanket does not have to cover the entire bed; just the user.

Additional requirements to consider

I. Materials used to make the blanket: The blankets are made with different materials so it is advisable to choose one with suitable material which is comfortable and is breathable. An example is a weighted blanket made of cotton or bamboo. 

II. Maintenance: A suitable blanket would be one which is very easily maintainable and is easy to handle and clean.

III. Cost: You should choose a blanket that suits your pocket, but be sure not to neglect quality when going for a cheaper alternative.

A different type of weighted blanket

A different and equally good type of weighted blanket is the bamboo weighted blanket. These blankets are made from bamboo fibers and fabric and usually weigh more than the average blanket. They also help with anxiety and night time restlessness. These kinds of blankets are extremely durable and last a long time without leakage.

A bamboo weighted blanket is also handed washable and is available in various sizes. Here are some of the added benefits of a bamboo weighted blanket:


Bamboo is a breathable and highly absorbent material, which helps regulate your temperature

A bamboo weighted blanket can be used anytime, regardless of season or weather as it adjusts to the weather.

Bamboo blankets are very eco-friendly as they are made from bamboo which is bio-degradable.

They are extremely comfortable and are very soft.

They are hypoallergenic and are also anti-bacterial

They are very easy to care for and maintain.


A weighted blanket is another piece of material you need to add to your bed today. A bamboo weighted blanket will give you that serenity and comfort you desire when you sleep. With the steps listed above, you will have no problem deciding on how to choose a weighted blanket. Cheers.

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