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Astrology Tricks and Tips in Love 2021

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Between work, children, household maintenance, we run, we run, and we often miss the essentials. To make love a priority in your relationship, we have compiled a checklist of all those little touches that seem blank but turn everything.

Depending upon the symbol of your lover, discover a bunch of tips that will keep the love flame alive for a limited investment as long as you do it every day. Like the abs 

  1. Aries

Ask him questions. On what he does. On his projects. On his ambitions. Be careful, no question of coping with him, to get excited about what he is doing. When it comes to flattering your ego, your curiosity will never be a bad thing.

Need him. Have him carry the running bags; it’s just him and his strong biceps to get this challenging job done. Among those pumps on marketing and those cool ankle waders, too hard to choose? Hello, help. Pimpin, pompon, he runs, he flies, he saves your life. It exists.

Make love to her. On the couch, in the machine cast, in this drizzle, reveal your taste for adventure, thrills, and extensive experiences. Not even afraid. It either. Not the type to deflate. Demonstration.

  1. Gemini
  • Open the door.
  • Make sure that at home, there are always people, always movement.
  • Add a cover for the friend who arrives unexpectedly.

It is this ability to adapt that will delight your Gemini. The freer he feels to come and go, the happier he will return to the fold.

Let him speak. Never forget that with this man, everything (or almost) goes through the head. Also, please stop what you are doing, sit back and listen to it. Really. Between his intellectual agility and a TV night, you chose him.

Do not say anything. Make a scene? Too vulgar! To his childishness, oppose a haughty silence in the face of his provocations to be unfaithful, play indifference. You will pick it cold when it pushes the cork. Until then, your dignity will blow him away.

  1. Lion

Dress up! Even for a dinner party in the kitchen, perch on stilettos, strap yourself in a perfect. You are the mirror of your Leo. If he sees you beautiful, he will think he is gorgeous.

Caress her hand, just like that, just by the way, without putting a precise intention there. To hold it was in all its solidity and safety. It encourages him to understand that he supports you.

Call for help. Forget that you know how to change a light bulb or how to lay parquet. Remember that it has a polite side that begs to be expressed. Become assisted, porcelain of Saxony, and there he is pretty happy to brave the danger.

  1. Virgo

Bleach everything. Door handles, toilets, worktops, tiling from the cellar to the attic, give your Virgin a house where you could eat on the floor. He will never do it, of course, but telling himself that it is possible makes him feel secure.

Cook organic and tasty at the same time. It’s no joke with a diet of three hundred twenty-two calories as a starter, 538 as a dessert. Obsessed with his cholesterol, his line, his blood pressure, your Virgo is cautious with what is on his plate. Health!

Make them laugh. Laugh at yourself. Make fun of the trivial facts of existence. This mocking distance will amaze this man with a good sense of observation. And if you push him down that path a bit, he’ll even be able to laugh at himself.

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  1. Scorpion
  • Give him an appointment.
  • Invite him to share your lunch break.
  • Book a hotel room for an exciting, happy hour.
  • Tell her in the morning that a surprise awaits her at home.

The goal is to create the event, provoke changes of pace, and keep it under pressure.

Watch the With Appetite. With lust. With interest. Let see the love he inspires in you, the desire that sets you ablaze, the pleasure you take in his company. Your Scorpio is both a powerful man and a little boy, to be reassured. Have it both ways.

Let him get it. Not getting a parking place, dropping his keys, an immediate storm. And he is capable of becoming obnoxious. The reasoning is a significant risk behavior, let go of the ballast, go soft, you will take control in other circumstances.

  1. Capricorn

Ask him for advice. How to assemble this piece of furniture? What would he do for you? What does he think of your idea? Liking to control everything (or to have the impression of controlling everything), he is sensitive to the fact that you consult him. All the time. For everything. For nothing. Then you can do whatever you want, but it feels essential, and that’s all that matters.

Could you close the door without slamming it? As your Capricorn often needs to be alone, show that you respect his backyard, his secret garden, his tranquility. Do not disturb!

Warm-up his feet. At the slightest cold, prepare him an infusion. Coughing? Take his temperature. It might just be a reflex for you. But for this not very demonstrative man, that means a lot.

  1. Aquarius 

Don’t ask him questions. Does he come home late? So what! Who was with him? Never stoop to asking. The goal: to show that jealousy and you are two. Far above this pettiness, you will go up a notch in his esteem.

Jump on him. Without warning. Without fuss. And so much to do in unusual places. And if possible, by testing strange positions. The new, funny experience is what your Aquarius is looking for in physical love. Very physical love.

Always have plans. Talk about what you will do in the hour, tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Aquarius hates the past, often zaps the present, and fantasizes about the future. Your energy, your fantasy, will make him want to go with you.

TaurusGive him good little dishes. Become the star of tartare, the diva of mousse, the star of Blanquette. It smells good. It makes him drool. . It Is delicious.

Pay attention. To health. To bad humor. In a good mood. You won’t necessarily be able to do much. Still, by caring for you, implicitly recognize the dedication shows to you.

Light the candles. Subdued light, comfortable cushions, enveloping blankets, fireplace make your home a warm, cozy cocoon. The Taurus needs his comfort: a cozy cottage and a heart, happiness!

  1. Sagittarius

Get your hands dirty. The spark plugs, the Delco head, the spare tire. If your Sagittarius needs a mechanic, no problem, you are operational. From a mason? You also do. From a nurse? From withers to mouth-to-mouth, you are a shocking teammate.

Eat with a good appetite. A good fork attacks dishes that stick to the body; here is what delights the Sagittarius adores the excellent living. And the thin ones. Because he also wants you dynamic and sporty. Good luck!

Ask him for his opinion. Peru or Perigee, the following summer camp? By the fireplace, the new carpet? He doesn’t care. But the couple is a team, want to be consulted for the form.

  1. Pisces
  • Never be predictable.
  • Laugh when it’s serious.
  • Jump on his neck when he comes home in the middle of the night.
  • Refuse the gift he just gave you. Astonish him.
  • Surprise him.
  • Make your story interesting; there is nothing better to arouse his interest.

Manage his agenda. At such and such a time in such a place. Such a day, such an event. Mark out his days, nights and live like an airstrip to bring this great dreamer safe and sound into reality.

Worry. From little faces. What is going on with the neighbor downstairs? Hunger in the world. Anything that reveals that you think about other people will give you good publicity to this empathetic man.

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