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What First-Timers Need to Know About World of Warcraft in 2021

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Getting into World of Warcraft might look impossible in 2021 for some that have no experience with MMORPG, but in actuality, that’s not the case entirely. A decade worth of World of Warcraft lore, multiple expansions released, and millions of fans around the globe–that’s what World of Warcraft looks like from an outside perspective. The culmination of the years since its release has multiplied so it’s easy to think that WoW would most likely have a certain depth that not a lot can swallow. With tons of WoW items added to the game, gamers have been keen on getting as much WoW Gold as possible. Some even resort to getting cheap WoW Gold or buy WoW Gold from third-party websites. It’s easy to say that a game isn’t for someone after just taking a glance at it, but one can never know until they try it for themselves, right? Here are some of the things that first-timers and/or beginners need to know about World of Warcraft in 2021.

World of Warcraft Isn’t Free

This might come as a shock to some, but World of Warcraft isn’t a free game that can just be downloaded from the official website right off the bat. To be able to start farming WoW items and WoW Classic Gold in the first place, players will need to avail themselves of Blizzard Entertainment monthly subscription for it. At $14.99 per month for Vanilla WoW, (plus tax), players can play a character from level boost 1 to 50. This also lets players gain access to the past content up until the Battle for Azeroth expansion. For the Shadowlands expansion, players will need to purchase it separately which is another added cost. For World of Warcraft beginners, it’s recommended to just get a one-month subscription. The reason is that they’ll be able to test the waters first. Should they feel that they’ll be playing WoW regularly, then they can avail themselves of the longer subscription packages which will give them a small discount. There’s also a possibility that some newbies might have a bit of trouble in playing the game at first, so some might try to avail of cheap WoW Gold from other websites and buy WoW Gold there. While not expensive, that’s still an added cost that some players might cough up to have an easier time.

Playing Alone is Fine, But Playing with Friends is Better

World of Warcraft is a very social game. That’s why it’s an MMORPG, after all. While it’s perfectly fine to sift through the vast content in the game alone, it’s a much better experience to do it with friends. Adventuring with friends has been an underrated detail for gamers these days. While it’s considered to be a norm in online games and done by millions of people around the world, some undermine it or think much of it which is sad. It’s a pleasure able to play with friends in WoW, especially if those friends are long-time or returning players who are knowledgeable about the game. This is advantageous to the beginners as they’ll be able to soak up all the information that’s not necessarily being taught first-hand by the game itself. Going on quests and slaying monsters isn’t anything new, but with the help of some friends, WoW can turn into a fun and special experience.

Choose A Realm Wisely

After creating an account, future World of Warcraft players will have to download the Blizzard launcher. After that’s all said and done, the player can then launch World of Warcraft through the dashboard. Now, hold up! Before creating a character, players must choose which realm that they would like to settle in. Selecting a realm is crucial for every soon-to-be World of Warcraft player. This is because once a player selects a realm that they want to play in, they can no longer undo it. Except if they cough up an extra $25 to switch to another server, though. A realm is a server–it’s where the player’s character will live forever. It’s important to choose a service where one thinks they’ll be able to thrive because the realm that they’ll be choosing will influence the number of other characters that are in the same realm as them, the market for resources, and the guilds available to join. 

In A Nutshell

World of Warcraft may just look like an MMORPG that has paywalls upon paywalls, but in reality, it’s a really solid game that gamers can get into–whether that’s alone or with friends. A lot has changed for World of Warcraft ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world such as unstable WoW items and WoW Classic Gold distribution, but by being able to buy WoW Classic Gold that’s cheap WoW Gold some can live through the bumpy ride. Let us know what your thoughts are about this World of Warcraft beginners guide in the comments down below!

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