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RosewoodTrust Review – Is This Broker Worthy Enough Of Your Time And Investment? (

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With the vast use of technology in the rise of this digital era, every single piece of information is now available in the palm of your hands. This excessive availability of information can sometimes be misleading or even overwhelming for some people to grasp. In the same way, we have now so many online brokers along with some educational material available to us, but most of them turn out to be scams and unreliable. I think it is important to have the proper investigation and more importantly correct education about the online brokers before you get yourself engaged in this business. For this very same purpose, I first started with getting myself educated about the brokers and how trading works online.

I spent most of my early stages, where I engaged myself with the investments in online brokers by studying them and trying to understand what makes an online broker reliable and trustworthy. After spending 2 years investing in different platforms, where I faced many difficulties in understanding this system and met some heavy losses, I finally came across with RosewoodTrust. By the time I started investing my time and resources in RosewoodTrust, I knew that this broker was going to be the most reliable one among the others that I have experienced so far. There are many reasons that I acknowledged, which makes RosewoodTrust a trustworthy broker as I will be discussing in detail in my review.

Let’s start with the features of RosewoodTrust that captured my attention, gained my trust, and made me one of their loyal users.

The Education Centre:

In the trading business, you never know how big or small your losses are going to be. The reliability of the estimated prices can never be accurate, there’s always a risk of inflation in prices in the market. So, one should always be prepared to face such calamities.

When I first became a member of RosewoodTrust, I started to look into their features and services, where they can help their clients or even educate them in trading. I was very much pleased to see they have provided their users with a variety of educational material on their webpage which I think is great for beginners and that also helped me in my journey. But I find for the advanced users they could add a couple of extra eBooks that will be helpful for them as well as some video lectures for all members.

The education center was very helpful for me even though I was already well-aware of some risks that came with online trading. This platform has a separate page for the educational material under the name “Educational Centre”. This page includes further sub-categories under the names:

  • E-books: There are almost 12 e-books available to their users. I was very pleased to see this vast variety of eBooks, that are provided for both advanced and new traders. This way the beginners can educate themselves and then take their first step towards their investments.
  • Asset Index: This index includes all the assets that are available for trading. Under every asset, they have mentioned its trading hours and its Expiry rule. This feature provided by the broker saved up my time during my trading venture.
  • FAQ: On this page, they have provided pre-answered questions for their users. This also has saved so much time of mine whenever I felt like I needed help with something. Most of the questions that I had were already answered here so I did not have to spend my time writing and sending my queries to the customer service and then wait on them to reply. I think the broker could refresh these questions every once in a while, and add in more general FAQs.
  • Glossary: The addition of this feature was also note-worthy. Sometimes when I was not aware of certain technical terms that were being used in the trading business, I would always head back to this page and learn about the terminologies. This is a great way to educate the newcomers with trading terms without making them feel overwhelmed.
  • Webinars: Though webinars are available to members only and not for free visitors, they are an excellent way for the newcomer or even the advanced traders to get more insight into the trading industry. Webinars are accessible according to the account types that one holds. Since I use the Retirement account type, so I get weekly webinars as they are more accommodating to my schedule. After just a few weeks I knew I was becoming better at trading and with my trading lingo with the help of webinars.

Managing the profile On-The-Go:

RosewoodTrust has managed to provide its users with the most advanced features where they can easily manage their profiles anywhere and anytime. The advanced technologies they are using to make their platform safe and secure make this broker very promising and user-friendly. I saw that the broker does not offer more dialects other than English, which I think we’re RosewoodTrust needs to improve a little. To me, one of the most prominent features of this broker was its analytical charts for the trades. For each trade, you make it show all the fluctuations of the prices happening in real-time in the form of a graph. This way you can easily always keep a track of your trades.

While using this feature I sometimes felt overwhelmed but once I got the hang of the chart it resulted in being a very helpful tool for me in my trades. Another good thing about this platform is that during my experience with the online brokers I have seen them put a price on their online charts or bars to their clients. However, RosewoodTrust has made this feature free of cost to their respective clients. You will not have to be an advanced user to avail this feature on the platform.

Variety of Accounts:

To me, any good broker should have a diversity of account types for its users so that they can use their resources according to their expertise. For example, with this broker, I liked that they have four different types of accounts available with different features.

This diversity is good for the clients so that they won’t be restricted while making their investments. Those four account types are “Savings”, “Passive income”, “Retirement”, and “Wealth Builder”.

  • The account “Savings” is good for those who are beginners in the trading world and want to use their resources on a minimum level. For such users, this account type requires a minimum balance of $250. In this account, they will have access to over 200 trade assets to invest in. Market review, flexible leverage up to 1:100, and competitive spreads up to 1.5% are few other features you get to enjoy when enrolling yourself with this account type.
  • Passive Income” account type holders need to have a minimum balance of $5000 to avail the features that a “Savings” account holder has along with features like Monthly webinars, Risk management planning, Tier-3 trade room analysis, A dedicated senior account manager, Bonus funds, Competitive spreads up to 1%, Financial planning, Special venture promotions, and Level-3 prioritized withdrawal process.
  • Retirement” account members can avail of those services and features enjoyed by the “Savings” and “Passive Income” account holder. Not only this but there are more features available to them such as Flexible Leverage up to 1:300, Tight spreads up to 0.5%, Tier-2 trade room analysis, Weekly webinars, and Level-2 prioritized withdrawal process. But to make use of this feature the user should have a minimum balance of $20,000 to become a “Passive Income” account holder.
  • Wealth Builder” Requires a minimum balance of $100,000 in which you can get all the services and features that a “Retirement” account holder gets along with Powerful leverage up to 1:400, Ultra-tight spreads up to 0.3%, Full access to webinars and analysis, Level-1 prioritized withdrawal process, Access to VIP events, and Special gift worth $5000.

When I started using this platform, I started as a “Savings” account holder and then gradually worked my way up to a “Retirement” account. When I finally made myself a “Retirement” account holder, I got to avail myself of this specific feature where I was assigned a dedicated senior account manager. After being directed and thoroughly helped by these well-trained and educated managers, I found this feature to be very helpful throughout my journey on this platform.

Safety and Security Measures:

One of the most important things that one must not look over is how safe and secure an online broker is.  Any online broker should have features and services to ensure that their client’s resources are well protected on their platform. When I first encountered this platform, I was intrigued by how seriously this broker takes the matter of security of their clients. This was one of the main reasons why RosewoodTrust stood out to me among the others that I have used so far. 

All the safety measures that a broker should take like making policies for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer, Bonus Policy, Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclosure Statement, and Refund & Cancellation Policies, should be taken seriously to make their clients feel secure and satisfied. I found all these features well handled by RosewoodTrust that is why I think it is safe for me to say that this broker has proven itself to be trustworthy.

Last Words

I am happy to be RosewoodTrust’s client for the long term. I hope that my review helped you in deciding or learning something new about the online trading world.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my

own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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