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If you want to trade today, then look no further for a brokerage firm to trade because I will review Golden-Gate in this article. Without a doubt, one of the main CFD brokerage firms available on the internet includes Golden-Gate at the top of the list. In this review, you can get all the highlights related to Golden-Gate. You will see the reliability of this firm and will be better able to decide whether this firm is worth your time.

Golden-Gate is a venture platform and online trading platform for traders all over the world. The platform offers trading with over 250 financial CFD instruments, particularly for the new traders. These include Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Crypto, and Forex. I can trade all these instruments on the platform. It accommodates the site with modern trading tools, client help support, high-speed execution, and a completely customizable chart. The platform provides brokers with an environment that allows low-dormancy trading and is being upheld by broad values.

What Exactly is Golden Gate?

The platform owns and operates the website completely. My experience with the platform started some six months ago. It instantly impressed me, and the platform turned out to be far above my expectations for it. So, I wrote a detailed review about the Golden-Gate in which I will try to answer all the questions that traders usually encounter when dealing with such platforms.

Golden-Gate has all the innovation including the charts and the advanced analytical tools and all these things combined to make this platform very impressive. The platform has some extensive services and there are many educational materials provided on the site, too.

It provides traders with a range of five different alternatives for the deposition of funds and any other added advantages like admittance to trading signals, limits, and other extra assets.

Some other important highlights for the platform include analytical tools, educational material provided there, over 250 assets that are well-known and can be used for trading, very simple deposits or withdrawal alternatives, and clear and low pricing.

Golden-Gate —- Scam or Genuine?

As soon as I realized the fact that the platform is owned and operated by Golden-Gate, I felt myself relaxing. I instantly trusted this platform. Where the quality of the organization is concerned, it is totally straightforward. The platform assures their customer that their security and safety are of the utmost significance. I would always encourage traders to do more explorations once they decide on a broker and before they open an account.

I found so many positive reviews about Golden-Gate on the internet where they have assisted brokers of their validity. I did not feel that I was being tricked while I was using Golden-Gate. It is no wonder that many people, especially traders, are part of some fraud or are tricked into some scams in this online trading market. But with Golden Gate, the reverse was true. Since my overall experience with the platform is going pleasantly, I will keep on using this platform for further trading, too.

Trading Platforms Available

Unfortunately, some well-known platforms like MetaTrader4 are not used by the Golden-Gate, even though the Golden-Gate WebTrader platform can be dispatched by the traders from other intermediaries’ programs straightforwardly. Novice traders can just sign in and make an account as the platform is completely electronic. 

You do not need to download any App or get any products to get to the platform. Golden-Gate is relatively easy to understand. Depending on your account type, you will get some features services, particularly for that account. I got many instruments on the platform that I could use to browse through and depending on the inclination and preferences of mine, I was able to customize the chart accordingly.

How Does This Platform Function?

The contribution of Golden-Gate is great. It is my opinion that the new traders go for multiple trading assets which this broker can provide in variety. The broker also provides further supporting usefulness where they prepare the traders to deal with the unpredictable nature of the market. It is no wonder that Golden-Gate works on a supreme level with an excellent administration. The platform helps new customers in executing their trades and for this very reason; I have remained their loyal member for many months.

The platform is completely online and does not offer the MetaTrader4 platform as opposed to some other experienced brokers who are more inclined to use this. We can add this option as part of an extra feature for different account types. It includes a special reward in the many account types. I had the chance and choice of my pick of the account. I was able to choose whatever account fulfilled my requirements. 

Over the course of my experience with Golden-Gate, I was able to upgrade my account type from Basic (250 Euros minimum deposit) to the Platinum account (100,000 Euros minimum deposit). I am really happy with the features that I got in the Gold account. I now have the webinars that I can attend weekly, and they really help me out to know more about the market events. 

The Economic Calendar of Golden-Gate

To screen the market and the related events, I always need to look at the Economic Calendar. This Calendar can also keep track of choices and strategies that are money-related and the monetary indicators. All these occasions and events are delivered through this Economic Calendar. On the platform, the Economic Calendar is controlled by the Trading Central, and Golden-Gate gives open access to this Calendar to all its traders. 

The Calendar provides season and date continuously to the traders. This is a very useful tool for my trading choices to be successful and can be further used to analyze and utilization trading systems. According to the broker’s advantages, the calendar can be changed to suit the broker. I was not familiar with the working of a calendar before joining this platform. After using this and realizing this calendar, I know other traders will benefit from it, too.

Tools for Instruction

By providing brokers with some instructional substances and materials, Golden-Gate helps the new traders. I can always settle on and choose more educated choices regarding trading by having the information and experience the platform has provided me with. This includes accountings, eBooks, and market investigation. Other instructional assets are Market reviews, Trading glossary, and eBooks. I guess since I have mastered all the eBooks for the new traders I would use the platform to keep on adding more eBooks for the advanced traders as they seem to be low in that area.  

Trading Accounts

There are four unique account options for traders on Golden-Gate, namely Platinum, Gold, Silver, and the Basic Account. The base deposit for a Basic Account as I have already mentioned starts at 250 Euros. This amount is very less in comparison with other representatives. The smaller size of an account benefits the trader to start their trading right away. I knew a lot about trading, so I had started directly from the Platinum Account type. I wanted to as many features related to trading as I could get. Though, the account types work better for a neophyte as the new trader will have the chance to start from something smaller, deposit less money, and will not get intimidated.

Base Deposits for Each Account:

  • For Basic, it is 250 Euros
  • For Silver, it is 10,000 Euros
  • For Gold, it is 25,000 Euros
  • For Platinum, it is 100,000 Euros

Professional Trader and Client Classification

Trading with Higher Leverage:

Broker arrangements are most proficiently accompanied by this major advantage. High leverage attracts a lot of traders. This simply means that traders can use fewer assets for more cash that are adaptable, and they may trade by using a mixture of trading systems. Traders will also get to experience risk management to trade, as leverage usage decreases the chances of any danger or greater misfortunes.

Negative Protection Balance:

Practically, traders may not separate their own assets from the assets of a more Professional Trader. The implication is that they can deposit their assets to a liquidity provider and if that provider leaves, your assets are lost. When I inquired about this from the representatives of the platform, I was relieved to know the platform keeps its assets separate from the assets of the customers. Also, the platform offers negative balance security for both Professional and Retail Traders, so the clients cannot lose more than they contributed under any circumstance. New traders will find this a great opportunity to keep their funds intact.

Communication and Risk Disclosure:

The platform is straightforward in disclosing all the dangers that are associated with trading, particularly if we talk about the digital currency market, which is very unstable. If I speak from my experience, new brokers should not worry about this.

Client Care

The platform provides client help support as a committed team. I kept the communication between a trader and intermediary up through this group. Apart from the client support, you have the option of a phone, or contact through an email address, or you can use the live chat option. On the contact page of the site, an online form is also accessible.

Concluding Remarks

I have made the right choice by choosing this platform. The services offered by Golden-Gate make this a unique platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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