Carter-Williams Review 2021 – Is Carter-Williams Worth Your Time?

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Carter-Williams is a completely innovative CFD platform that features charting, specialized analysis, and a stock scanner platform that was acquainted with the market some time ago. The platform is intended to put all of the features you require to settle on trading choices and be a solitary hub for all traders. The website is owned and operated by Carter-Williams LTD, a worldwide brand committed to your trading experience.

When I researched trading platforms, I particularly found this platform on the basis that it is not expensive at all. On top of that, the platform provides amazing services. It shocked me to have found this platform. But I will not only discuss the benefits of trading with this trading platform but also how this platform could improve for the better by focusing on certain areas.  

Account Types

Carter-Williams offers four account types. Basically, I felt that the platform is trying to make sure that everybody is able to use their services whether they be new traders or even very experienced ones. The different account types demonstrate that Carter-Williams is a thoughtful CFD platform that is specifically welcoming new traders and has also set up a pretty well-organized base for them In terms of assistance, education, ease of utilization, and best trading tools.

I will add in the details of what each account type incorporates along with their deposit price for you to decide which one will benefit you the most.

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

BASIC – This account type requires a deposit of 250 Euros. Basic account types involve the least features, but it incorporates everything a new trader will want to start their trading venture. So, this provides over 200 tradable assets, market review, and leverage up to 100.

If somebody wants to check out this platform’s services and quality or they are completely new to trading, then this platform will be useful but otherwise, I suggest directly getting started with a better and more versatile account type.

SILVER – Required deposit is 10,000 euros. Now, this is a better platform to start your trading venture with. I think this account offers considerably better and more features as opposed to the first account type.

You will also get a dedicated senior account manager. Platforms must provide account managers to help new traders or even manage accounts for expert traders. Then you also receive bonus funds, gold spreads, and leverage up to 200. For educational purposes, there is trade room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, webinars (monthly). You can’t get wrong with the educational system on this platform. They make sure that their clients are up to date with the market news. Lastly, there is a better-prioritized withdrawal process.

GOLD – deposit requirement is 25,000 Euros. This account type includes most of the features mentioned in the above account types, some features are upgraded, and some are new like platinum spreads, leverage up to 300, trading signals, upgraded trade room analysis, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and upgraded withdrawal procedure.

PLATINUM – Deposit required in 100,00 Euros. This is the last account type on this platform which means that this includes the most advanced features. It has leverage up to 400, VIP spreads, complete access to trading signals, access to VIP lucrative events, complete access to webinars, and top priority withdrawal procedure.

I use this account type as of now. I just upgraded my account type last month and I do get some extra benefits from there using the most advanced account type on this platform.

Carter-Williams Features

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The spot to begin with Carter-Williams features set is the charts. The charts are very incredible and give an enormous level of customization, which makes them ideal for performing custom specialized analysis. To begin, traders can pick between candle, bar, OHLC, spline, scatter, and line charts, and browse a tremendous scope of overall chart timescales and stretch lengths.

Also, traders can look over a wide scope of basic specialized investigations to add to the charts with simply a click. In any case, note that this comfort comes at the cost of control – while there is admittance to tweak the time period of various specialized analyses, it is hard to additionally adjust a current marker or to characterize a custom pointer.

I believe that the only drawback to the charts in Carter-Williams is that arranging them to be effectively coherent takes some work. For me, It is hard to change the x-and y-measures of any chart without experiencing numerous menus, and the default chart view makes it exceptionally hard to see short spans plotted over a moderate timescale. So I always change it to line or ohlc. It is a personal preference some people might even like using the default setting.


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Carter-Williams is exceptional among the foundation of this scale in that it offers a high level of research information to all endorsers. This information and research are available to the members of the platform. As they have access to trade room analysis the upgrade of this feature depends on the account that you are using, there VIP events that I can attend because of my current account. My account manager offers me accurate knowledge about the market and helps me plan out my trade.

Overall, the research is very good if you are a member of the platform and most research available to you also depends on the account type that you are using so if you are using the basic account type then you will only have access to the market reviews, but the rest of the account types give a lot more and accurate research material.

Platform Customization and Ease of Use

Carter-Williams’ desktop-based interface is profoundly adaptable with regards to design and uses a solitary window instead of a bunch of tabs. In any case, the quantity of alternatives it offers requires something of an expectation to absorb information in itself. Part of the reason behind this is that once a tab is opened and a module is picked, it is hard to get back to different modules without opening another tab. Also, the platform utilizes an odd arrangement of snaps, double taps, and device symbol snaps to explore its features.

All things considered, the capacity to join different snippets of data identified with stock around the chart is useful for taking in a more extensive perspective on security, and the capacity to keep watch accounts open as an afterthought is helpful. It is not difficult to save chart designs and page formats as defaults for later use too. The platform does not provide services to residents of The United States, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, and Syria.


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The security provided by this platform is one thing that puts me to ease while trading with Carter-Williams. While creating my account with the platform I had to agree to the terms and conditions and the KYC policy. KYC policy is basically ‘know your client’. You may also be requested by the platform to provide some additional documents for verification of identity. That process may seem extensive to some but it’s really for the protection of your funds and personal information. Following are the security policies that Carter-Williams takes seriously.

  • Terms and conditions,
  • Privacy policy,
  • Bonus policy,
  • The risk disclosure statement,
  • Anti-money laundering policy & KYC
  • Withdrawal, refund, & cancellation policy

Education material

Now, the education center of this platform is pretty extensive and in my opinion that just makes this CFD trading platform shine among the rest of the trading platform. Although the education is very deliberate and especially focused on the new trader to get them comfortable to trade with confidence. The advanced material and eBooks on this platform are equally if not more compatible for the experienced traders. I think among all this and the list given below that the platform could also include video lectures for all traders and make the trading learning experience more engaging.

  • FAQ
  • Glossary
  • eBooks
  • Asset Index
  • Webinars
  • Market reviews
  • Financial Planning
  • Private sessions with an analyst
  • Risk management planning
  • Trade room analysis

For what reason Did I Choose Carter-Williams?

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The first thing that attracted me to Carter-Williams over is because it is less expensive and even offers free eBooks while other platforms are either expensive or do not have an assortment of account types. Carter-Williams’ registration makes it easy for beginners to get started with their trading ventures, whenever traders are acclimated with the platform the simple admittance to specialized analysis and a visual stock scanner makes it simple to direct quick analysis.

What’s more, the protection details are very vast. I think there are more pros to this CFD trading platform as compared to its cons. Things like how education can be improved. Even though the education provided is great for the new traders that will help them achieve their trading goals, I think that the platform could include video lectures that are more interactive and engaging.   

Is Carter-Williams Worth Your Time?

Carter-Williams is intended for exceptionally specialized and beginner traders who will have the option to rapidly accumulate trading analysis and explore stocks, indices, crypto, commodities, and forex to settle on trading choices. The platform puts an accentuation on discovering stocks that are breaking out at the time and its charts offer progressed specialized investigation. Long-term traders will be as amped up for Carter-Williams, especially because it offers practically everything advanced as well as beginner-friendly in the way of key information, even in its stock screener. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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