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ManCapitalGroup Review 2021: Can You Trust This Broker?

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You can search all you want on the internet on the brokerage companies and while all this data may pop up during the online searches, the information cannot be trusted. Not only the information varies among the different sites but you may also find trouble in trusting the references of these sites. The reliability of the information varies tremendously and, in the end, you have to go with your gut to see which brokerage company will cater to you best. You are the best judge of your needs as a trader and the ultimate assessment evaluator. No doubt each of the brokerage companies competes in the global market but they are quite different in their service features and it is up to you to use these advantages to the fullest to your particular needs.

It is important to realize that since the trading world is constantly changing, it will be impossible for you to thrive if you stop at one point. You need to expand your portfolio if you want a successful business. Today, in this competitive era, it is not at all surprising to see that brokerage companies are offering extremely advanced service features. Ever since these features were launched online, all these services are available on the internet and can be assessed with relative ease and are quite literally available at your fingertips. 

To keep your trading business running smoothly and efficiently, these online services come with the best features in terms of technology. I have been in this very business of trading for over seven years now. Each day the norms of the market are changing and everything now is completely different from what it was some years back. 

I have been working with ManCapitalGroup for the past year and a half. Due to my experience in this industry, I am very particular about my trading sessions and I prefer those platforms which, in terms of trade strategies integration, offer a broader scope. Anyhow, I am a satisfied customer as far as this platform is concerned. 

I will keep an impartial attitude towards the evaluation of this platform. Through a secondhand experience, the traders will have an opportunity to know it better.


ManCapitalGroup is all about easy access and a user-friendly approach. After I had clicked on the website, the main page appeared which has a unique backdrop. Personally, I am not a fan of the chosen theme for the server but the platform provides all the information through the design itself. The layout is very straightforward, very simple. There are headings categorized for each piece of information. It helps new traders to go directly to their relevant page and avoids any confusion on the main page itself. The technology is very creative and innovative. It is made even more interactive and engaging through graphic designing. 

As a trader, I enjoy platform layouts featuring mainstream trading. That is why I was very pleased with the way the platform allows its basic framework to stay in place. Some of the trading platforms used today use so much innovation that it is so easy to divert from the actual path and lose your way through it. Beginner-level traders may find it particularly difficult to find trading platforms that offer credibility and reliability. In this regard, ManCapitalGroup is very handy. It is well-aligned and you can easily surf through it once you have your service options. There are related pages such as Account Types, Trading Platform, Education Centre, and Other Info.

Security Regulation

I ran into some spam servers early on in my trading career, so I was a little apprehensive about trading platforms that are online for a while. I had lost sensitive information on these servers. As a result, I had to do extra effort to register complaints and I had to renew my lost documentation, too. This is why before opting for a trading platform, I go through all the details of its security regulations. The security policies of ManCapitalGroup appeased my worries about trading in the global market. They had acquainted me with their security policies. The platform goes to extra lengths to ensure their clients. They are very transparent and have no issue disclosing their security policies. 

I decided to sign up as soon as I was satisfied with their security regulations. They only require your full name and email address for registration, which they verify, of course. To verify the email address, you just have to simply click on the link that was sent to your inbox. You will be directed to the next step of the process, where you will have to provide your government-issued identity card. It will take some time for them to verify everything but I was satisfied as they are making sure that there is no violation of any market law. 

The security protocols are fulfilled by this verification process. Clients can scroll down to the Legal section on the main page to get to know the terms and conditions for trading on this platform. The disclaimer at the end of the page is to ensure that the clients are well-aware of all the risks associated with trading online even with Contract for Differences (CFD). The platform will monitor everything like the transactions for a smooth trade operation.

Advanced Tools

The chart is an essential tool to make trade reports quickly on online trading platforms. This chart can also be used to evaluate the market and its current scenarios. The type of chart can be set in accordance with your preference. I like the line chart as it is easy to interpret. The custom setting panel can also be used to zoom in or zoom out the chart. Chart indicators can be used to flag positions. Personally, I would have a colour range in these indicators because due to constant overlapping, it was not easy to pick them apart sometimes.

The tools are very well integrated and easy to use. Some instructive tools will help beginner traders more on this platform. The layout of the tools was very distinct if I compare it with other platforms I have worked on.

Education Centre

The platform knows that for a new trader, it is important to learn the art of trading. ManCapitalGroup has many means of information and resources for their clients from the Glossary to eBook, all the information is readily available. You can select your learning style from the range of options. Selective FAQs have been lined up to clear out your confusion in terms of certain issues. I found these FAQs very informative and they were lined under particular sections for easier access. The information is not refreshed with time, so this platform lacks if you want to further study. Since they are very accommodating and take feedback really well, I can only hope that they do more on this account. New traders will completely appreciate it and the ones who have been in the business can also use some informational help every now and then, too. Since the platform is reliable, the information that they will add up in the future will be credible.

Client Support 

The platform has very stable communication with its clients. It duly understands the importance of communication between a platform and a client and is always willing to go to lengths to support them and ease their difficulties, especially in the trading world. Not many trading companies can claim such a user-friendly approach to their platform. To accommodate them, it provides a range of options for traders of all types. You can choose the live chat option if speaking on the phone makes you apprehensive. The service operators were able to answer all of my questions and for that, I found it very effective. It gets your point across and provides answers to your queries. This is because they can understand everything as they are all trade brokers who have impressive experience in this industry.

The mode of communication may face delay but this is not an everyday occurrence. It happens very rarely and is most often due to the heavy traffic on this platform. If you encounter this issue, you can use the email option. I always do this whenever I got myself in this dilemma. The platform will immediately send a queue number to your inbox. ManCapitalGroup is very serious about the problems of their clients and takes these well into consideration. They also make sure to answer all these queries in due time. 

Final Thoughts

With its incredible trading experience, ManCapitalGroup already has a top-notch reputation in the global market. I was able to build my profile through this platform. The platform with all its technological advancements and easy to use was instrumental in my profile building. The service features of this platform were commendable. Traders who want to improve should definitely opt for this platform. Once they give it a chance, they will not be disappointed for the platform will increase their business and help them grow as a trader exponentially. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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