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Getting the Hydra’s Claw can be tough, but here is what you need to know to get your hands on it.

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Meta Description: Have you wondered how to get the Hydra’s Claw in OSRS? Here is everything that you need to know. 

If you want to take a break from having to earn OSRS gold, then why not check out the Hydra’s Claw as the next item that you hunt down. Given its value, you won’t have to worry about finding OSRS GP for sale, but it will take some doing in order for you to get it. 

How Do You Get the Hydra’s Claw?

The item in question is dropped by a boss called Alchemical Hydra. Apart from its value of 150,000 coins, you can also use it with the Zamorakian hasta so that the Dragon Hunter lance can be made. When you try to make this lance, you will see a warning in which a chatbox will come up saying that you will not be able to reverse the process and ask you to confirm if you want to combine them. 

How to Beat the Alchemical Hydra

The Alchemical Hydra, often abbreviated to just Hydra, is a boss that is located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. You will need to be on the Hydra Slayer task in order to get the opportunity to fight it, and you will also have to meet the Slayer level 95 requirement. 

It is a popular boss to do battle with, since it has some very useful drops, one of which of course is the Hydra’s Claw, which is what we are looking for today. There is also the Hydra’s Eye, Fang, and Heart to get a hold of, which can make the best slot tribrid ring known as the Brimstone Ring. To defeat the Hydra, we are going to be taking a ranged approach, preferably with you using the Twisted Bow or Toxic Blowpipe to take it down. 

There are four phases to the Hydra battle. Firstly, you will notice that the Hydra has a green carapace when you go into the room. Be careful of the poison pools during this phase and avoid them as best you can. Once you get the boss’ health down by 25%, you will then witness the second phase of the battle. 

In this second segment of the fight, the Hydra will change to a blue carapace and will need to be lured towards the green vent, having lured it to the red vent in the last phase. The Hydra will now start attacking you with projectiles that will make their way towards you, so make sure you avoid them as best you can. You will now need to get its health down to 50% to get the third phase started. 

We are getting deep into the battle now, and at this halfway stage the carapace will now be red, so lure it over to the blue vent that you find. As for the Hydra’s next set of attacks, you will now have to withstand two walls of fire that surround the prayer. There is also a fire attack that will track you, so this will need to be avoided as best you can. When the Hydra is down to its last quarter of health, it will move onto its last phase. 

In this final stage, the carapace will have turned grey, and you will not have to worry about luring it towards any of the vents in the room. There is more of a mix of attacks in this phase, where the Hydra will launch a flurried offensive your way. You will need to think fast at this stage, and switch between Protect from Magic and Protect from Missiles accordingly. This will help you cut down the damage that you receive, and open up the window of opportunity for you to attack from range and finish the fight. 

Getting OSRS items like this will often mean that you won’t need to buy OSRS gold since you are earning some decent profit from such drops. That being said, you now know the tactics on how you can kill the Hydra. With this knowledge, it means that you can finally get your hands on the Hydra’s Claw. Whether you want to sell it for OSRS gold or you want to use it to be combined with the Zamorakian hasta to make the Dragon Hunter lance, you are going to benefit from taking down this boss. Just keep in mind what you need to achieve during each phase, and what you need to be able to avoid, and you should be picking up the coveted Hydra’s Claw in no time. 

Have you found this OSRS Hydra claw item yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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