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RichmondSuper Review 2021 – Picking Apart This Broker’s Service Features

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I have been a member of the trading world for over a decade now and not only have I grown along with them but I have also learnt with experience. The way this global market has helped me shape my business speaks for itself.

There was a time when the accessibility to this global market was limited but ever since the internet has taken over the world, businesses have prospered. For one, now everything was accessible to everyone. While you were required to go to the stock exchange to invest in stocks, now you can do it sitting on your couch.

This accessibility is what shapes the market today. And one factor that stands out, in particular, is how the convenience of the buyer and seller is taken into account. This is where brokerage companies come in to mediate this transaction that occurs prevalently in the global market. These companies have started introducing online servers which make for a wider reach within the global domain.

Like most traders, even I have had my fair share of experiences with online trading platforms; some good and some bad. The brokerage companies today are on fairgrounds of competition since there are so many rivals that exist.

As each one tries to get ahead in the market, you will notice that it is very difficult to make a reputable place for oneself. Either way with the influx of trading platforms this year, if you are a trader who is currently surveying the scene for yourself, then maybe you should keep reading further.

You see, with my experience, I have learnt to critically assess a platform based on the quality of its service features. One such platform that I am currently associated with is RichmondSuper. My experience with this platform has been one of the few good ones that I have had in recent times.

I have been using it for the past year, and I thought it was about time I overview some of its features in a review. I am a big believer in passing on viable information and sharing my experience with the platform will help traders determine if this is indeed the right choice for them.

Market Reach

One thing that RichmondSuper strives to be is a market creator that is able to offer without commission trading through its network of operations. The broker opens a vast window for its customers into the market and gives them access to features such as market review, specialized and essential tools for CFD, Forex and Stock Trading. The learning resources are a bonus as they equip the newbies with knowledge which they will be able to channel in their skill development.

If you are an experienced trader, you will realise how essential it is to have the skills of strategic planning. This allows you an edge over the other traders as it sets you apart. RichmondSuper offers a range of analytical tools for traders looking to excel in the trading world. In my personal experience, I have learnt that my percentage of profits has greatly increased ever since I have started calculating my decisions.

In this way, the platform opens its doors to a wide variety of traders from learners to creators. Not only does that offer versatility in their network, but it also brings in credibility with respect to their performance. The trading conditions that this platform offers are top-notch as the servers are designed to be technologically advanced. This is an essential aspect of online trading platforms.

Investment Opportunities

You can trade over 200 assets and expand your portfolio using the variety of available options such as Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Forex and Stocks. You can buy, sell and invest in your favourite shares while having access to the open global market.

I don’t think I have ever been able to introduce such a diversified collection of shares into my portfolio but RichmondSuper with all its hyped tools and service features motivated me to broaden my approach. The high-growth tech stocks were one of the many new collections I tried.

And today looking back to a couple of months before, I am grateful that I sought the opportunity at the right time and invested in Tesla (TSLA). I am slowly making my way into the cryptocurrency world with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). RichmondSuper has an excellent crypto collection while I did not find the collection of commodities that relevant and am hoping that they update them soon enough.

The current market norms do not make it easier for companies to keep up yet RichmondSuper makes sure that its customers are provided with the best deals available in the market. The accessibility that they provide their clients with proves to be resourceful as it helps them make calculated decisions that in the end will allow them to profit off their investments.

Learning Resources

For you beginners out there, this one is definitely one to watch out for. I don’t know what other experienced traders are used to, but even today I find myself reaching out to learning resources to brush up on my basics.

This is why RichmondSuper’s impeccable range of resources is one I deemed commendable. Not only is the collection diverse enough to accommodate every type of trader out there but it is also vast. From the eBooks to the asset index, you have a range of options to go through.

Personally, my favourite part about the eBook collection is the library design as you get the cover page of the book along with a short synopsis, all in a thumbnail. I was able to scroll my way through the options and read through most of them. In total, there are 12 eBooks in their collection which include

  • Basic Technical Analysis eBook
  • Advanced eBook
  • Advanced Strategies eBook
  • Advanced Technical Analysis eBook
  • Beginners Strategies eBook
  • Capital Management eBook
  • CFDs and Stocks eBook
  • Forex eBook
  • Global trading eBook
  • Market Analysis eBook
  • Terms eBook
  • Trading market eBook

Although this is an expansive range in itself, I was hoping that the platform would have a system of an update for its resources. For, very soon enough I realized that they do not update their resources which is why you might find yourself stuck with these during your time on this platform.

Moving on to the two lists, the glossary and the asset index. Both of them have an alphabetical arrangement and you can scroll through them easily. The glossary index offers you a range of terminologies commonly used in the market.

Not only that, along with the definition of asset index in this list, you will find direct access to the platform’s asset index. I found this integrated feature very refreshing. The asset index itself also features a few details about the assets such as the trade hours, international code and expiry rule.

Last but not least comes the FAQ section which has been categorized into sections to make access easier for customers. The five sections are:

  • Funding
  • Opening account
  • Platform
  • Support
  • Trading

The same problem was faced in this section as even this one has not been programmed to update with time. I feel like the platform could really prosper if it introduces upgrade features or replaces a few queries with new ones more related to the current state of the market.

Account Selection

As I joined RichmondSuper almost a year ago, I have only used two of its accounts. The first one of course was the Trial account which I opted for at the start to learn more about the trading conditions offered by the platform. This account with a minimum deposit balance requirement of $250 was enough for me to assess this platform and its service features. Later on once I was satisfied I upgraded to the Passive Income account.

This account got me access to a range of service features such as flexible leverage up to 1:200, financial planning, risk management planning, bonus funds, special venture promotions, spreads from 1.5 pips, tier-3 trade room analysis, monthly webinars and level3-prioritised withdrawal process. Of all these features, the one that proved to be steadfast support to me has got to be my dedicated senior account manager, Mark Newman. His expertise in the trading world helped me gather some food for thought about my own portfolio.

The financial advisors lined up by RichmondSuper are applaudable as they offer excellent legal, tax and financial advice. They will never directly influence your decisions but they will always lay out all the available options for you.

Closing Arguments

RichmondSuper is definitely one of the good ones as the way they support their clients through their trade operations is indeed commendable. The platform provides a safe and secure environment for traders to trade in. Despite some of its discrepancies, it manages to excel in the trading world.

It continues to progress and in the short time that I have been associated with it, I have seen it grow and evolve to become even better. I would definitely be sticking around to see where this platform takes me and my business. If you are a trader who is looking for reliability and viability, then this is a platform you should try out.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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