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7 peaceful gifts for moms

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Moms are people of peace, they walk around with a commendable aura of peace, positivity and fragrance. Those early morning hugs from mom, the late-night bursting out in tears, telling her the story of school every day after coming back and letting her know of your crush real quick are some things we have all done with our mom not knowing how special and beautiful memories we were creating.

The calm that we feel just talking to our moms, by eating food with her hands, by letting her scold us and hugging her thereafter is priceless. Thinking of the moment when we all will outgrow this and not find the need or the courage to be at it, runs a thunder of chill through our veins. It’s in our hands to keep our relationship how it is and it is exactly what our intention has to be too.

With time we may find ourselves fighting battles in life that are harsh and time-consuming but always coming back to mom’s arms is the real motive and we strive on doing it. Well, we are going off track and right now while we have the time, it’s important to gift something to these peace bringing moms, something that is peaceful in itself. 

  • Plants

Beginning with the most righteous option and the most soothing thing to have around, plants you can pick from indoor, outdoor, mini, air purifying and other such plant types. Namely, you can go for a bonsai tree, peace lily, money plant, lucky bamboo, rose, Lily flowers, daisy, carnations, cactus, aloe vera and many others. 

  • Buddha idol

This is a common thing in many houses and why shouldn’t it be seeing the kind of popularity the idea has gained due to its peace bringing vibes. The smiling Buddha can be sat on a side table, many showpiece tables or kept in the centre of the main table as per your liking. 

  • Scented candles and potpourri

Scented candles are very magical as they keep the potential of changing the moos and the spirit of the house around in no time. Potpourri is also such an option that brings calmness with beauty. You can club the idea of having the two together, lighting some candles in lavender, rose, mint or other such scents and keeping a bowl of potpourri around.

  • Sandglass

The sandglass kept on the centre table is like a constant reminder of sitting still and catching some me time. It is calming rather mesmerising to let sand slip through space while all you do is catch your breath and live the moment. It is not to gaze at constantly but certainly a reminder to just take a chill pill.

  • Self-care basket

A self-care basket for your mom can include a scrub, a foot massage, a face pack, a mani-pedi kit, a roller, aloe vera gel, eye mask, lip tint and other similar items. Make sure it is branded so that her skin is not exposed to something inexcusable. And wrap it beautifully to make it look like a gift.

  • Green tea

Green tea helps a person relax and calm down. It comes in various brands and flavours and that’s how it is easy for you to pick one with only a little research. Chamomile, ginger, honey, lemon are some common flavours to go for. 

  • Dream catcher

A dream catcher is a recent perusal of many people and brings happiness and peace to people who look at it with love and manifest their thoughts through it. If your mom is a believer you can get her this too and give her a happy environment and aura. 

Peace is not something you can force on someone but comes innately. All you can do is tip things in the favor such that one is open to acquiring and welcoming the calm. Adopting such a calming lifestyle is a choice and you can now bring this in your mom’s life, to restore all her peace that you disrupt. 

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