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Walton Chase Reviews 2021–Why I chose this broker?

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Trading is the biggest business in the world. For years I have been trading through conventional means, which usually involves tons of paperwork and is relatively time-consuming. The option for trading online has been around for a couple of years now, but I never fully adopted the online trading industry as a viable replacement for conventional methods.

This is because even though trading online promised quicker response times, it never truly lived up to this promise at least that is what I experienced.

I had completely ignored online trading platforms ever since then. However, a couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine explained to me the features of the website trading platform known as Walton Chase.

I was sceptical at first, but over time the platform grew on me as I used its tools more and more often until I transferred my entire trading business online through the Walton Chase platform.

The features that are available to me as an average user of Walton Chase have access to are very diverse. These features are offered to the people of every demographic with Walton Chase considering itself as an online trading website that is open to all people from every background. Here are some of the primary features that sold me, Walton Chase, as a quality online trading platform.

First impressions

One of the key features that attracted me to this website and its possible benefits were not the tools available, rather the welcoming aesthetic of their homepage. The homepage of Walton Chase has been curated to attract customers like me in such a way that the contents of the page are arranged to provide brief information about the online trading platform.

The subtle colours used for the background of the homepage provide a sensational effect on the eyes, which drew me even closer. The aesthetic of the page made me look deeper and discover the different advantages I might be able to achieve if I create an account here.

In the past, I simply ignored many websites just because their contents were everywhere and there was no filter available to correctly check the types of tools available to me as a customer who wants to trade online.

The best that the platform can offer

Trading platforms have specific requirements that are vital for daily trading without any hiccups. This is the case for all types of trading platforms, be it online or conventional. The previous online trading platforms did not cover the basic requirements of any trading platform. Rather, they were dependent on other sources which would provide their tools.

These platforms were a combination of 3-4 online trading firms who provided their tools individually. This was not only inefficient but rather it was also a security risk since when data is spread to so many different servers, then it is bound to be hacked and stolen.

Walton Chase, however, overcame this issue by simply developing their trading platform to be an end-to-end connection between the client and the seller such that there is no possible way for external actors to gain access to any user data without the user’s permission.

Types of accounts on Walton Chase

Walter Chase is an open door online trading platform. It has account types with features ranging from basic tools for trading to access to close door meetings for first-hand knowledge and instructions of how to trade most effectively.

  • Silver

This type of account is for beginners who are just starting in the business of trading. It consists of standard features such as basic spread, withdrawal process and up to 300 significant leverages. You also get access to private sessions with add ons such as risk planning features and senior account manager. All this for $10000.

  • Gold

The Gold account is an upgrade to the same silver account with gold spreads, fast withdraws, 400 significant leverages and special venture promotions. The rest is the same as silver. It all will cost you about $50000.

  • Platinum

The basic features are upgraded with quicker access to tools such as spreads and withdraws. The feature that makes the platinum account the premium choice is the inclusion of financial planning tools, access to VIP sessions, and arbitrage trading. The platinum choice comes for $250000.

  • Invitation

For this type of account, you need a reference to join this exclusive club where the tools are so advanced that you get instant access to withdraws, private events and much more. The price for this account type is unknown, but it would be worth it considering the benefits it provides.

There are different types of tools that are needed for experienced traders and beginners. There is a wide range of traders in the marketplace, and not all of them are as experienced as me. I am looking at this from a consumer perspective, and Walton Chase does have a diverse set of offers for different categories of traders. The features that any quality trading platform must-have, no matter what method used, are given as follows.

Asset portfolio

The online platforms that I dealt with before Walton Chase did not have an organized offering of any assets that were significant enough for a good profit margin. Many of the assets were considered as dummy assets in the real world.

No sensible trader would ever invest in these assets since the profit margin was so low that in some cases, people would lose money instead. However, Walton Chase went past this issue by providing account holder access to over 200 tradable assets that can be exchanged in the open market with whatever traders need.

I for one have been trading with valuable assets such as cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, world currencies, CFDs on FX company stocks such as Apple (US) and many more. These stocks are considered as high value and high reward stocks that are bound to churn out a profit one way or another, which is why I chose Walton Chase.

Secure trades

Making trades is a bit like transactions. They are supposed to be end to end, but sometimes a third party gets involved to verify the transferred amount. When I made my first trade with Walton Chase, I was able to rest assured that my trades were end-to-end and even for the verification process, my data was not shared or viewed by anyone but myself.

Trading is a competitive business and my competition will do everything they can to get my trade documents. This way my trade documents were sealed and only I was able to access them, which is why security is the primary concern of every professional trader in the marketplace.


The main issue I kept having in my previous accounts on different platforms was that my trade would most of the time not go through. This means that whenever I made a bid, it would often be ignored by the algorithm and someone else might get an edge over me this way. Walton Chase specifically sends notifications to its users about the bids made by your account.

I found that Walton Chase was reliable in most cases and is far better than other platforms. However, one place where they can improve is to guide beginners on how to verify that the bids being made by their account are their own. Profession traders have multiple assistants through which they can manage, but beginners do not have this luxury, which is why it will be a good extra feature for beginner accounts.

Rapid response

Whenever there is a shift in the market caps of different assets, I need to be notified as quickly as possible to make adjustments to my bids accordingly. In conventional methods, I was notified through the same interface that everyone used.

In many online platforms, there are no alert features that tell me that the assets that I trade with are shifting in the open market. Due to this shortcoming, I was constantly at a loss and as a result; it was difficult to stay on that platform. So I needed access to this type of information if I was ever going to go to an online trading platform.

This is where Walton Chase’s rapid response feature comes in handy. Whenever any of my stocks shift in the market that I am currently trading with or might have traded with previously, I am notified about these shifts so that I can make the adjustments accordingly.

So far, the rapid response system has worked flawlessly for the assets I trade with, and I have not incurred a loss related to the rapid response feature.

Deposit and withdraw

There are 4 methods of financial transactions for the Walton Chase trading platform. They are.

o MasterCard

o Maestro

o Visa Secure

o Bank Wire

These transaction methods are considered as some of the most secure financial interfaces in the world, with billions of dollars’ worth of transactions being carried through these services.

Closing Argument

The Walton Chase trading platform has done what most of the other trading platforms haven’t been able to do. They have catered their tools to even the beginners who have no experience in the marketplace.

Even though their tools for the beginner catalogue can be improved, the fact that they have a beginner option is a good thing on its own. From my experience with Walton Chase, I would recommend that even if you are a beginner, you should sign up and get the experience you need to become a full-time trader.

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