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Iron-Bits Review 2021–Is this platform a good choice?

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I have been meaning to compose a review on Iron-Bits for a while now. This Forex and CFD broker has pristine execution, which makes it the worthy choice for traders out there. My experience in the trading world will allow me to perceive the platform’s quality features a lot better.

Iron-Bits has already made most of its rivals look bleak. The following review will encompass all the characteristic features of this platform. I have been associated with this platform for over two years now. I started as a beginner trader and today have been able to navigate through the trading climate with skill and authority.

If you think that the platform that you choose does not necessarily affect your trading strategy, then you are mistaken. Today, there are platforms that are taking trading to the next level. Iron-Bits proves to be an example of sorts itself.

The platform establishes an inviting trading climate while also being able to maintain a balance between features for amateur traders and those for professional traders. While no platform can completely fulfil this feat, yet the way Iron-Bits matches up to the expectations of its customers is what makes it an exemplary platform.

User Friendly

This is a fundamental aspect of trading platforms. No brokerage company can succeed in the world market if it is unable to cater to a wider demographic. This is why Iron-Bits has designed its server to be straightforward and simple. Beginner traders can easily navigate through it. The world-class conditions of this platform make sure that customers get online trading at its finest.

I have always made it a point to evaluate the server of a platform thoroughly. You see when you trade in the global market; you open a window of risks. If you are not secured from all fronts, you may lose more than you may gain. This is exactly why, apart from being convenient, you need to make sure that the server is optimized to handle the load of the market.

Iron-Bits gives its customers access to over 200 tradable assets which they can invest in based on their preference of alternate trade options such as Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Forex and Stocks. The server is set to validate all your requirements. Not only is it powerful, but it is also reliable.

The Iron-Bits server is designed to be accessible in two different languages, which include English and Deutsch. Even though the language selection options are easy to select, the number of options as you can see is limited.

The platform can be accessed from any portable electronic device having a stable internet connection, however, its access is limited in certain regions. There are jurisdictions that aren’t allowed to access this platform due to certain regulations.

 I realized this drawback when I was travelling to the U.S. for vacations. I had accessed the server from my mobile phone, and it showed limited access. Not only this, but you will also notice certain differences between the server optimized for your mobile and laptop. The mobile server for example does not showcase the date or time. The integrated Contact Us option is more visible in this browser.

I believe that the theme that Iron-Bits has selected for its server does more harm than good as it blends in. You might get a little confused with the redundant colours. I wish they had offered more variety of colours.

Build your portfolio

I know why I had sought out this platform over two years ago. I was a beginner trader who was busy throwing money at securities without realizing the importance of evaluating price movements. Maybe it was experiencing the losses first hand or just giving up on luck, that I decided to truly study the market operations. And the way I sought out to do so was through a reliable platform.

When I joined this platform, I aimed to make the most of the resources. I would credit the independent experts contracted by the platform as well as the well-optimized education centre. As a trader, you constantly need to up your game in order to survive in the market. The plan should always be to make way for a stable income without losing out more than you have to.

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Especially ever since I started investing in CFDs, I have learned to make trade reports efficiently. This allows me to interpret my options for bidding before positions close. Knowing which underlying asset to keep, and which to sell off is entirely up to you. Iron-Bits does not influence your decisions, however, it provides you with a safe and secure platform to exercise those decisions.

Security Regulations

Iron-Bits keeps its legal documentation available on the server for you to access. This transparency was another aspect of this platform that I found admirable.

The legal documentation features the Terms and Conditions, the Policy for Privacy, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, Anti-Money Laundering Policy & KYC and Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy. You can scroll down to click on either one of the options and evaluate the framework that holds the server together for yourself.

All these documents are constantly amended based on market laws. If you are a client, you will be informed of these amendments. Security is one factor you should never compromise on while selecting trading platforms. Iron-Bits makes sure that each client of theirs is aware of the regulations in place. I found a certain comfort in knowing all the technical parameters that safeguard the platform and its operations.

While going through the documentation, in the beginning, I was particularly in awe of their refund policy. The company realizes that traders who are not satisfied with the platform’s services have every right to leave. This is why Iron-Bits has a solid refund policy.

They allow you to apply for a refund of your current eligible account balance. This is the mark of a dependable platform. There are platforms out there that can drain your account balance if you choose to opt-out. These scam servers are spoiling the progression of the market.

Trade analysis

The best way to make an effective trade analysis is by using the chart. Iron-Bits gives you the option to custom set the chart settings. You no longer have to depend on one chart type as this platform also offers you the option to select your chart type from the available 5 options.

I chose the scatter chart type for day trading as it allows me to look at the broader picture easily and develop intraday market strategies. Another way to compare present and future market prediction is through chart intervals. Iron-Bits gives you the option to select any of the 9 chart intervals.

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The analytical tools that make trade analysis easier are what make this platform stand out. Veteran traders will particularly find them useful, as they are used to assessing multiple positions at one time.

So, whether it’s chasing hot tips or making binary bets, this platform levels the playing field for all happenings on its playground. Traders of all types will be able to benefit from this platform, for they will be able to find tools that will make their trading conditions more efficient.

Account Packages

Iron-Bits has four account types and each of them has characteristic features, all bundled up in a package. It is up to you to select which package suits your business the most. Each account has a minimum deposit balance and based on that you can sign up to register on the platform.

Account TypeMinimum Deposit Balance Requirement
VIPInvitation Only

I chose the Silver account first, only to upgrade within a few months. Apart from the senior account manager, there were a couple of reasons why I chose to upgrade. One of them was the option to attend webinars while the other was to get prioritized withdrawals.

I got to learn a lot from the webinars hosted by the platform. Since most of the learning material was not updated in such a long time, I could make good use of this service.

The withdrawal priority levels vary with each account, so if you want to get a higher priority level, you will have to upgrade. The withdrawal process is commenced only if your identity has been verified. Iron-Bits stringently monitors all parameters of its server to ensure that all market laws are followed.

Final Comments

Whether it’s retail or whether it is institutional, Clients of all varieties will find the features of this platform up to the mark. This platform has a forward-thinking approach owing to its optimal trading environment. It has introduced a range of advanced tools for its server.

Despite some drawbacks, it still manages to stand tall. It always leaves room for improvement, thereby, giving it the option to progress in the future. If you are looking to upgrade your trading conditions while also being able to improve your portfolio, you should definitely give this platform a shot.

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