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Ideas of Basement Finishing for Chicago Citizens

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Surely you have at least once imagined the ideal basement interior, trying to come up with a basement floor design that would bring life to a dark, damp, concrete space.

The good news is that the basement interior should no longer be the creepy and scary casemate it used to be. With a little imagination and inspiration, you can create a warm, welcoming and truly amazing continuation of a private home.

The Basement is No Longer a Warehouse

If you have not just moved into a new house  in Chicago then think over how finishing a basement can be useful of course you are using the basement to store things that have accumulated over the years. But don’t let that deter you from creating additional living space and instead of a “storage” room to make a basement room.

And if you are a little confused by these kinds of thoughts about the upcoming renovation, turn to professional designers for their experience and guidance. Implement finishing a basement in Chicago and receive more from your living space.

Ideas On How to Use a Basement

Rent your Finished Basement

If the basement floor has a separate entrance, you may consider renting it out. Then it will be better to equip it with a bathroom and a kitchen.


Having created the right lighting and correctly arranged everything you need for the office interior, you can get your long-awaited workplace. Again, if you have a separate entrance, you can get the additional benefit of hosting visitors.


In most cases, the interior of the basement has enough space to accommodate a pool table, darts and other games for the whole family. By adding a bar there, you will turn this room into a really desirable place not only for your family members, but also for your friends and neighbors.

Children’s Playroom

By equipping the basement with soft furnishings and various safe toys and games, you will create the perfect hideaway for children and grandchildren. The design of a children’s playroom on the basement floor has always been considered the optimal solution for most families.


Now you will have no excuses to skip exercise, since the gym in the basement is literally just a few steps away! Mirrors, a TV, a juice bar and, of course, fitness equipment – all this will give you additional motivation to keep yourself in great physical shape.

Guest Room

Ideal for a late night company. Thanks to the added privacy of this space, almost like a guest house, your guests will feel at home and, moreover, they will not hear you.

Home Theater

 In a basement room, the interior of which, with the right design work, is ideal for an in-house cinema. There is enough space to accommodate comfortable chairs, sofas and equipment. Moreover, this room will require a minimum of light.

Additional Living Space

Maybe you just want to use the extra space for the whole family. If you correctly equip the interior of the basement, you will have more than enough space for any home holidays.

Basement Interior Design

No matter what style you choose to decorate your basement, there is no doubt that you need an action plan. Without it, you will be making repairs unprofessionally and can waste a lot of time and additional funds. If, say, you decided to decorate your home in a modern style, you would hire a professional designer, or at least study the style yourself.

The same applies to the design of the basement and basement, i.e. you need to study this topic and develop a design project. Working with your basement may seem difficult to you, but believe me, the result will pay off tenfold.

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