What Is Spirituality, Or What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Person?

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Spirituality is a limitless dimension of human experience.

As such, it is hard to describe and study with traditional methods. It has no rigid structures or dogmas but values, daily practices, and a particular life approach.

Everything that has to do with the spirit can be considered spirituality, Everything that belongs to growth and inner research path.

It is a way of being detached from materiality towards a more profound existence, bringing harmony and balance between body, mind, and spirit.

We are not just made of cells, muscles, bones, and blood.

There is more. I want to explain what I have viewed and felt personal, to reveal the deepest secret of happiness that never ends.

Is it possible to always be happy?


I have a lot of essential things to tell you, so let’s get started right away!

In the moment of a person’s spiritual awakening, we begin to be interested in some topics, including:

  • The pursuit of one’s life purpose
  • The joy of living
  • Synchronicities and coincidences
  • The connection of the Whole
  • Personal growth
  • Live in the present
  • The supernatural
  • Authenticity and self-expression
  • The energetic work on oneself
  • The law of attraction
  • What are the issues that entice you the most?

Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of scenes that you experienced a few days later?

Maybe very detailed to the point of giving you a feeling of déjà vu?

Some argue that dreams are nothing more than images stored in our minds and re-proposed during sleep.

Granted that this is the case, sometimes we see entirely new images, even situations that have never occurred.

We can also call these premonitory dreams, in the sense that we see something that has yet to happen.

Our mind cannot have such images since it has never seen them.

Spirituality: Imagination or Reality?

There are three levels that I believe are fundamental:

Emotions; Our emotional life has a massive impact on us. Therefore, it is an essential aspect to face to live happily.

Mind; The mind is the most fantastic resource we are equipped with because Everything passes through here, and it is with the mentality that we can change our life.

Spirit. What plays the most crucial role, however, is the spirit. We cannot truly transform our life and be happy without working on our spirituality.

The point from which I want to start is to ask yourself the most obvious question when we touch on the spiritual topic: is there something that goes beyond matter?

Or are those who believe Everything related to the spirit to be illusions and superstition, right?

Proving the existence of something that cannot be seen or touched and that is not scientifically demonstrable is difficult, at least.

But I’m not here to prove something, but to share my experience, my path, what has allowed me to transform my life.

Of course, I can’t give you proof that the spirit exists, but I can suggest clues that you can evaluate personally to decide whether what I tell you makes sense to you or not.

What Makes It Indicate To Be A Spiritual Person?

Being a spiritual person means having a love for yourself and others as a priority.

A spiritual person takes care of himself, the people around him, and the animals and the planet. He seeks harmony and collaboration and feels the need to be useful to the community by exploiting the qualities and talents that make him unique.

He knows that Everything is connected and that we are a fundamental piece of this Whole.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean being perfect. It means that we will incorporate all spiritual values ​​and practices in every moment of our life. It merely means having started a growth path and trying to face both successes and failures in the best way.

Even spiritual people are wrong! 

The qualities that we can find in a person who has embarked on a spiritual journey are:

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Serenity
  • Joy
  • Comprehension
  • Tolerance
  • Want to contribute
  • Faith in a higher entity
  • Equilibrium

Energy Work In Spirituality

When we talk about spirituality, we often hear about Ascension to the fifth dimension, that is, raising one’s vibration to a new level of existence.

Ascending means moving away from lower frequencies and working on expanding one’s consciousness. We will have to learn to understand our energy and unlock it when blocks are created.

There is often talk of being in the Flow or the Flow, and not resisting change but accepting that life is fluid, and we are in it. It means trusting creative energy is more significant than us, which always pushes us forward even when we do not know the direction.

Knowing how to align one’s energy with the universal one means always trusting what happens to us. Be sure that nothing happens by chance and that every step we take is essential for our growth.

“Life is a series of casual and natural transformations. Don’t try to resist these changes. Resisting only creates pain. Let reality be a reality and let things take their natural course.” – Laozi.

Because Spirituality Can Help Us In Difficult Times

Many people approach themes of spirituality and personal growth in the difficult moments of their life.

Unfortunately, to decide to believe in something or to want to improve, we have to suffer a trauma that makes us want to take a new path.

Expressing gratitude towards our surroundings, keeping a personal diary, or having spiritual rituals can help refocus ourselves and understand what is essential.

Acquiring to understand each other more deeply and learning to express our essence without always relying on external judgments is essential, especially in difficult moments.

And in particular, the belief in something more significant, that one calls it God, Universe, Energy, encourages us to overcome difficulties and try to do it collaboratively and positively.

Here are some practices that can help you to embark on a spiritual journey.

Ten Spiritual Practices To Raise Your Vibration


Suppose you are new to meditation and haven’t discovered its benefits yet. In that case, you can start with just a few minutes a day and gradually increase.


We can presently live the day and be attentive to what happens to us, or we can follow our routine thinking that nothing unusual has happened. Mindfulness means observing and participating in the present moment without judging and staying open to take every opportunity.

Gratitude and positive thinking

Our mind has tremendous creative power, and every thought has its frequency. To become aware of your studies’ vibration. You can use a diary or planner to write down what goes through your head every day and write down some moments of the day for which we are incredibly grateful.

Energy healing

We can unlock our chakras’ energies by relying on an operator who knows how to channel healing energy and has studied Reiki disciplines.


Fasting can be a way to cleanse the body or step away from materiality and exercise one’s willpower.

Rituals with the use of plants, essential oils, crystals, or stones

The theme of the ritual is essential in spirituality. By the way, we mean a non-extraordinary activity in itself. However, we give a certain regularity and meaning.


For example, you can read sacred texts, books of spiritual elevation, or personal growth. Some films dealing with these themes are also exciting.

Disciplines like Yoga or Qigong

These disciplines unite mind, body, and spirit.

Meetings with other spiritual people or guides

We can participate in meditation or chanting groups (chanting mantras together) or only in events with spiritual themes. The participants’ energy and the reflection on these issues will bring our life to a higher frequency.

Walks in nature

Contact with nature is another central theme of spirituality. The connection with the Sun, the Moon, the animals, and the plants is essential to vibration to higher planes.

Books On Spirituality

Here is a shortlist of books that have made history in the world of spirituality.

  • Eckhart Tolle – The Power of now Rhonda Byrne – The secret, the law of attraction
  • James Redfield- Celestine’s prophecy
  • Neale Donald Walsh – Conversations with God
  • Dan Millman- The Way of the Peace Warrior

Spirituality And Religion

Religion offers a system of spiritual guidance that is valid for many. In faith, we tend to be led by someone and have written rules to follow. It is a structured organization and carried out within the community.

Spirituality mostly lived as a personal and interior experience, without rules and dogmas. Unlike many religions, mistakes are not punished but accepted and considered fundamental for growth. We don’t have to mull over the past and condemn ourselves for our wrong choices, but live in the present and put into practice the lessons learned.

Spirituality is a vital element of every religion and takes the critical aspects of every religion. It recognizes the truth of the message of the various faiths regardless of the prophet.

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