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SecuredVC Reviews – Is SecuredVC a safe broker?

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The number of trading platforms is by each day that is passing by. These past 2 years especially have put a spotlight on the forex trading platform. Among these huge collections of the trading platform available now online it has become a significant challenge to pick one broker out of so many.

I know the feeling since I recently went through this experience as well. I came up with a solution where instead of becoming overwhelmed I narrowed down the feature on which I did wasn’t to compromise. For example, Security, Education Center, Account Types, and an assortment of Assets.

When I narrowed down my list it became easy for me to have a shorter list of brokers to choose from and then I went ahead and searched reviews on those trading platforms. One platform that stood out to me was the SecuredVC forex trading platform.

Upon research on the broker, I found almost all the things that I was looking for in a platform. SecuredVC platform offers Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Currencies, and Crypto. Which I believe is a considerate assortment for people who are looking for variety and not a platform that focuses on one of the assets.

There are over 200 assets available to all members of the platform regardless of which account type they choose. When I visited the site there, I found the layout and the color scheme to be engaging and simple to direct. In recent years it has become imperative to build more user-friendly platforms.

Because a lot of traders are joining the trading scene and they don’t have much knowledge so the platform is inviting those new traders by creating an easier layout of their site. SecuredVC offers many features that I will go through in this review, so keep reading to find out more.

Why Trade With SecuredVC?

·        Enhanced Trading Speed

·        Completely Customizable

·        Fundamental Analysis Tools

Enhanced Trading Speed

Because I went through a lot of platforms before settling on this SecuredVC I knew that what this broker was offering held something reliable and competitive professionalism. I will explain the above mentioned three points starting with the enhanced trading speed. This specific feature means that the transactions are always taken care of.

When I made my first trade and invested in stocks and upon withdrawal, I was worried that like any other platform this broker will take its sweet time. But I was wrong, SecuredVC prioritizes its withdrawal processes. Sometimes for withdrawal or deposit, they require some additional security verification like a government ID or your picture, etc. but it only demonstrates that the broker is following its regulations of making sure every member and their assets are well protected.

Completely Customizable

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The trading platform is very much customizable. They had a variety of four distinct account types that are Self-Managed, Gold, Platinum, and VIP (invitation only). Each account type has a different degree of features and it depends on the trader to pick the one that suits them the best. After the account types there comes the chart for analyzing the trades. The trading chart is an interesting point to discuss here. The chart is mostly made to be customizable with a lot of tools integrated into it.

With the analysis from the chart, a trader can assess whether his/her trade will bring them profit or loss. The chart is customizable in the sense that when I moved my cursor at the bottom of the chart and moved the pointer left and right it showed me that the chart period can be adjusted by zooming in and zooming out. 

Chart intervals can be selected from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes till 1 week or 1 month and there are a total of nine options of such. Secured offers. What helped me enjoy the experience with the chart was the option to change its types. The broker offers five assortments of chart types to choose from. The default chart type is basically Candlestick but there are others such as Line, Ohlc, Spline, and Scatter.

Sometimes I find the default chart type (candlestick) to be difficult, so I always change it to either Line or Ohlc. I tallied to find out how many indicators this platform offers and there are a total of 37 indicators that I had the option of utilizing. There are many other options available to make the chart your own personal tool for analysis.

Fundamental Analysis Tools

The vast majority of the better platforms that offer specialized analysis tools additionally sway new traders towards a principal understanding of the main ideas. A portion of these tools are free, or some are specifically available to a member of the platform holding different account types. However, others charge an expense.

I’ll take a specialized analysis of these tools that are incorporated into traders’ contributions. Many of the tools were a little too advanced for my level of experience so I had to ask for help either from my account supervisor or the contact service to teach how to use a certain tool for analysis. Once I grasped the usage of each tool, I was able to see a difference in my analysis and my outcome of trades as well, I started earning better profits while using the chart and the tools properly.

SecuredVC’s Account Types

A variety of account types is important as it demonstrates an invitation to let all types of traders be a part of this platform. His broker offers around four distinctive account types of which I am currently using the Platinum account type.

These account types include the different degrees of features that will suit the traders’ experience and skills. These four account types I think are more than enough to accommodate all traders. So, I basically started from the fundamental account type Self-Management.

That is because I did not know much about trading and I also wanted to give the platform a chance too. Once I used the first account type and got to know the reliability of this platform and the usability of all the features included in each account type I decided to move my account type to Platinum. I will walk you through each account type for you to see in which category you fall into.

Self-Manages – This account is the basic account on this platform. I first tested out the platform by getting this account type. It covers more than 200 tradable assets, Market reviews, and up to 100 significant leverages. This account is for people who don’t know anything about trading and want to check what the features are of the platform. I got this account type initially for the same reason.

It was because I wanted to check out the features and service quality of this broker. Because of this account, I got to know on my first withdrawal that everything runs smoothly as the platform instructs. The minimum deposit that you will have to pay for this account is 250 Euros.

Gold – the Gold account includes the same features as the basic account plus more like dedicated senior account, level-3 prioritized withdrawal process, special venter promotions, webinars (monthly), risk management planning, financial planning, trade room analysis tier-3, leverages up to 200, Gold spreads, and bonus funds.

The minimum deposit on this account is 10,000 Euros. This account I think would be sufficient for someone who is willing to use the tools for analysis and has some experience in trading, because it offers significantly more features.

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Platinum – all features from the Gold account + Platinum spreads, leverages up to 300, trading signals, trading room analysis – tier 3, webinars (weekly), private analyst sessions, and level 2 withdrawal prioritized process. Lately I have been using this account. I upgraded my account type as soon as I realized that I will be using SecuredVC for a long time to come.

This account type offers great account managers. As mine helped me a lot with trading and making sure I was getting more consistent monthly profits. even though my account manager was busy most of the time because he had a lot of clients to handle but my profits were made sure of.  

VIP – The VIP account is by invitation only. Whoever holds this account is treated like a king. This account is a top priority to the platform, and it includes all features discussed in the platinum account with some upgrades like VIP spreads, leverage up to 400, complete access to webinars, access to lucrative VIP events, Level 1 prioritized withdrawal process.

Security & Regulation

Security obviously became the most important thing as the number of platforms increased because more traders were joining the forex trading world. Most platforms that are not good in quality and legitimacy offer the terms and conditions.

Some brokers are not even regulated. These are a few things to look out for when searching out a forex trading platform. The reason SecuredVC stood out to me was because of their openly displayed security regulations. They have discussed the following policies on their platform;

1.      Privacy Policy

2.      Bonus Policy

3.      Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy

4.      Anti-Money Laundering Policy

5.      KYC Policy

I believe that the KYC policy which also stands for know your customer, in particular dives into the following four parts, (i)Customer Acceptance Policy; (ii)Customer Identification Procedure (iii)Monitoring of Transactions (iv) Risk Management.

Looking at the KYC policy and how integrated this was into the platform made me sigh in relief. I wanted my assets and investments to be very well protected if I wanted a platform where I would be putting in a big amount. Although the KYC policy required additional information for the confirmation of identity it does drag out the procedural time in the end yet another security measure, so I don’t mind if it takes some extra time.

My Conclusion On This Platform:

My take on this platform has been great so far. I guess it requires some work on the color scheme of the chart to make it more prominent to make analysis a little easy to read, some more language integrated for international visitors, and extra phone lines added to reach them. But these are all things that can be improved easily by the platform.

I have a group to like this platform over time which is why I even upgraded my account type. The security regulations are a part of why I have stayed with the broker for many years. 

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