London-Gates Review 2021 – Is this broker trustworthy?

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When I was starting to trade, a friend recommended online trading platforms to me. I didn’t realize that they were invoking a revolution in the trading world with state-of-the-art advanced technological features.

But when I set about surveying through trading platforms, I came across a large list. This was because of the immense number of platforms available to traders today. While you may presume that to be a good thing, it’s not the best situation to be in when you are a new trader. You might find yourself a little lost trying to make a solid decision.

New traders lack experience and do not have set investment objectives. Not only that, but they are also at a greater risk of losing their entire investment capital especially while using leveraged financial instruments.

I know that because it took me time to accustom myself to the volatility of today’s market. Nevertheless, I managed to find my way through with experience. This is one of the many reasons why I wanted to share my experience with this trading platform. I came across London-Gates during my research on the best forex trading platforms. It was clear that the company had set out with firm directives in mind and was looking to change the face of trading.

I have written this review keeping in mind my own personal experience. I am hoping that this will connect well with traders looking for a suitable trading platform to trade with. Not only will they be able to evaluate their own trade requirements, but they will also be able to make a decision.

This will be my first attempt to review, but as a trader who started out just as lost, I wanted to be able to help out new traders looking to find their way through the many trading platforms available.

Quick Analysis During Survey

This takes into account the quick survey that you take of any trading platform. I know when I was making my way through trading platforms, I was judging them from their first impressions. There were a few things that I had in mind when it came down to the trading platform’s outlook.

With London-Gates, I was genuinely impressed from the get-go. The broker in its own words attests that it will provide each client with ultra-tight spreads, lightning-fast order execution, unparalleled support, and next-generation technology.

I won’t lie, this is probably the dream of every trader to have such opportunities at hand. I for one found this to be a little too good to be true. However, I kept an open mind while navigating through the server.

I liked the colour schemes and found that the lighter tone was a lot more refreshing than the standardized darker colour schemes. This made the platform home page feel more welcoming. The stock report bar was an interesting feature, as it relays useful trade information on the main page itself.

I was a little confused while finding my way through other sections of the platform. You need to click on the right corner to access the rest of the features. While this is a good way to compact the display selection, it can be a little confusing when you are accessing the site for the very first time.

Once you become aware of where everything is located, you can easily access them. While I was going through the features of the firm, I came across their extensive tools for CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

It seems like London-Gates has put in a considerable amount of effort and time in optimizing their trading servers to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. I have been associated with trading platforms that include cryptocurrency as an alternative but I don’t think I have ever come across one so extensively equipped.

London-Gates aims to transform the trading world with its high-end crypto list that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. I hadn’t dealt with crypto that closely but this platform’s drive and passion towards progress motivated me to invest in digital coins.

I like the way they laid out all options for traders to select for themselves. So, it doesn’t matter which alternative you are most comfortable with, you have the option to choose between CFDs on FX, Indices, Stocks, Crypto, and Commodities.

Security Regulations

I have always been apprehensive when it comes to these online trading platforms but with London-Gates I found myself at ease. I have to say that this was mostly due to the fact that they are very transparent when it comes to their security regulations.

If you are looking to sign up on this platform, you will be required to go through an extensive registration process. I found this to be a little time taking at first but then once I became aware of the Risk Disclosure Statement, I was much more appreciative.

The most discerning feature that this platform has set across has got to be the access to legal documentation. So, whether you are looking to read about their policies for Privacy, Terms, and Conditions, Bonus, Risk Disclosure Statement, Anti-money Laundering and KYC and Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation, you have the option of going through them all. When it comes to reliability, London-Gates is set to make sure that it is able to check all your boxes.

Account Types

The selection of accounts is another interesting feature. The landing page of London-Gates makes sure to enlist all account types on the top right corner so you are aware of your options. The 5 account types that are available make the selection really easy. If you are wondering how then let me elaborate. You see as a trader this gives you an opportunity to evaluate what you are looking for.

London-Gates has left no stone unturned in captivating the audience. So, if you are a trader who is just surveying through the platform, you will definitely be interested in trying out this broker.

The account that I first opted for was the Self-Managed account. I found that I would be able to give this platform a fair chance with a trial run. This account with a minimum balance of $250 seemed to be an ideal option. While it does not have prolific characteristics, you still get access to over 200 tradable assets.

The flexible leverage does not go beyond 1:100. This is a good account for assessing the platform. You can always upgrade to higher accounts which include Select, Personal, Honors, and Wealth Management. The financial deals offered by these accounts are more advanced. You also get extra security and legibility for promotional ventures.

If you are confused about your trade requirements, you can always seek help from the firm’s representatives. You will be surprised how helpful they can be in this regard. All of the service operators are brokers and are well-equipped with trade knowledge.

I had a good experience working with Sean Pierce. He is one of the brokers at London-Gates and was able to handle my queries quite well. There were times when he was busy with his other clients, but he always made sure to get back to me. You will notice that their brokers are generally busy because of the number of clients they take on. I am hoping the platform does more to divide the load of work on one broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Processing

London-gates is very efficient when it comes to processing their clients’ requests for deposits and withdrawals. They make sure to monitor all transactions effectively. I did find the verification procedure to be a little extensive, but I do understand why it is needed. The company tries its best to commence the withdrawal process immediately after verification. It usually takes about 7-10 working days for the withdrawal process to complete.

The options for withdrawal and deposit include:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Maestro

I found this to be pretty inclusive considering it has all of the common payment methods. The company ensures that traders of all types from around the world can easily trade using this platform. However, they do not allow traders from The United States and have a disclaimer stating that they can not accept traders from other jurisdictions. I thought this was pretty contradictory to their initial promise of inclusivity for traders around the world.

Last Comments

I have been associated with this trading platform for over two years now. I have always believed that when you select a trading platform, make sure you opt for one that gives you room to grow. London-Gates has definitely lived up to its reputation. It makes sure to provide all advanced tools and effective security policies all under one platform. You will be able to build your portfolio exponentially.

I have gotten to learn a lot during my time and am looking forward to making more profits. The platform could work more towards introducing inclusivity for all traders especially with respect to language selection. I believe their efforts in recognizing customer needs makes them a well-ordered organization. Traders looking to be a part of an efficient network should try their hand in the market using this platform.

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