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CVMarkets Review – How this broker helped me with trading?

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There are millions of neophytes that have tried their hand in the market casino every once in a while. Some walk away from a little poorer and a whole lot wiser, while others find their way through. I happen to be the middle ground of all this lot.

I knew that I needed to better my skills in understanding the market before beginning to trade on it. Buying and selling are not as easy as it looks especially when you are dealing with the global market at hand.

Furthermore, there hasn’t been much that I have been able to do research on my own. I needed experience in order to reach my full potential. There was once a time when you were required to go to the stock exchange in order to invest.

Today’s digital world has helped optimize all such inconveniences for the better. The trading world has digitalized its atmosphere. There is a range of online trading platforms available to you today.

I for one have always been apprehensive while dealing with the online trading world. The risks are imminent, however, there are significant benefits that come with them. I was looking for a trading platform that would help me master my basic skills to tilt the odds in my favour. This is why when my research led me to CVMarkets, I decided to try my hand using this forex trading platform.

The assortment of features that this platform laid out for me had me intrigued from the get-go. My association today with them dates back to two years ago. I wanted to share my experience in order to relay essential information regarding this platform’s service features.

While I understand that the world market attracts speculative capital, I also understand today why people end up losing money instead of making it. The understanding of certain strategic elements is imperative before trading in the global market. There was a time when I found myself throwing money at securities without understanding why prices move higher or lower.

This platform helped me grow and establish my portfolio as a trader. I am hoping that my overview of its service features is able to help beginners still trying to establish a solid footing. I find that I can relate to them and am aware of some of the common mistakes they must be made while selecting trading platforms.

Not only that, the services offered by this platform will develop in the higher regard for the art of trading instead of just chasing hot tips and making binary bets. I for one realized that my buy-and-sell decisions made little to no sense in the beginning. 

Strategically enhances your investment offers

This is probably the first question that comes to your mind if you are a trader. How will I be able to make better investments? You will see that CVMarkets is a multi-asset broker. This is how it is able to offer its clients from traders to investors a range of choices in excess which include the 200 tradable assets. The deals it offers its clients work better since they are upgraded efficiently. CVMarkets works with the pace of the world market. You get the best deals on your fingertips.

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While it relays investment offers to its clients in due time, the real strong point of this platform is their advanced tools. These are integrated into the web-based platform. The reason why they stand out for beginners is that some of these instructive tools can really help them understand.

The thing that I liked the most was that though these pop-ups might seem a little overwhelming for beginners, it will help them get a grip on their assets. They will understand what choices to make based on their own understanding.

I would have appreciated if there was an option to close down some features. A switch would be really helpful once traders build their portfolios and look to set up their own strategic trade plans. You will never feel like the platform is throwing you off the rail when it comes to making decisions.

It is important for you to understand that those decisions will be your own. The goal of CVMarkets is to make sure that you are aware of all your available options before making a decision. 

Introducing affordable pricing

When I was starting out, I came across a number of platforms for trading. One thing that was common in most of them was the considerable commission fees they took from their clients. This could be an inconvenience when you are just starting out. I like how CVMarkets took that into account. They offer investors great all-round pricing. Not only does that help them make profits but it also directs them towards making better decisions. 

CVMarkets has a range of account packages. The reason they are termed as packages is that each of them has characteristic features. What this does is that it broadens the clientele inclusivity. It wouldn’t matter which level of trading you are currently working on, you can make the most of this platform’s resources. 

The minimum deposit of 250 Euros itself is a good bargain for the self-managed account. You can try out the platform by signing up for this account type. I found that this account was best to practice trading. Either way, you get minimum features in this account.

I was able to make the most of them and upgrade in due time. The broker assigned to me, Thomas Greene, helped me in finding the reigns. He was able to assess my trade requirements while taking into consideration my strategies. 

Well-equipped education centre

CVMarkets provides all its clients with an assorted choice of instructive materials. Traders like me were able to make the most of these resources. From the eBooks to the asset index, everything was well-categorised.

The fact that they have centralized all this information makes for easy access. However, I did notice that they lacked upgrade features. I would have appreciated had they upgraded their eBooks. There are only 12 eBooks available and once you are done going through them all, you would want to read more. This is why it is essential for them to upgrade their resources over time. 

The asset index section, however, is well upgraded. It is enlisted in alphabetical order and has the options for more details on assets. You can now overview trade hours and expiry rule from the list itself. That was indeed a smart move for a quick overview of the list. 

These two categories are not the only ones offered in the education centre. There are further options for FAQ and glossary section. As a new trader, I was intrigued by the technical terminologies used in the trading world. The glossary helped me make the most of it.

Even today, I find myself going back to brush up on my technical trade lingo. I don’t think there will ever be a time when this section will not prove to be fruitful. No matter which level of trading experience you reach, this section will always be useful. VNmK T5nW8JYco0Zok2pW4Onyc3VKVWyR56zP5sMxC2IOqNqBNBfNGv96aY uqdPp9TEgd1vlS2VKiGA5Gk19Xt WsEjh4Jhk L1wTC5wRLn60VwI1PDMGW uwRfTrARyFj27IQ

The FAQs are one source that beginners like me look forward to. You see you can relate a whole lot more to the queries when you find yourself just as lost. You will notice that this section is also well-categorised in order to make for quick and easy access.

You can select from Funding, opening Account, Platform, Support and Trading. Other than this, I also learnt a lot from the webinars conducted by the platform. The access to these webinars depends on your account type. You can always upgrade to get complete access. 

Customer Service

It is imperative that a trading platform is able to establish effective means of communication with its clients. This is their way of garnering feedback. I for one have used this service for queries. I like the fact that they offer you several methods of communication.

You can contact them through a phone call, live chat and email. It depends on how eminent your query is. The best feature is that they are efficient in responding back. I don’t think there is a single request of mine that hasn’t patched through in time.

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I found the live chat to be the most effective method of communication. This is because it takes time for the service operators to patch through on phone calls. It is understandable that it may take time for you to patch through considering how busy the market is at peak hours.

The platform has trained and educated representatives that are well-equipped to handle all your queries. You will also be asked to fill in a survey to rate the customer service at the end of each session. This helps warrant a reliable customer care service at all times. 

Last thoughts

If you are looking for a trusted broker, CVMarkets is definitely one to try out. They have built a solid niche for themselves in today’s market. I got to learn a lot from trading on this platform.

It directed me to a better path that allows me to trade on the global market with skill and authority. Overall, I believe its advanced tools and quality personnel pave the way for it to be a dependable platform. One that you can count on to make you a better trader.

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