Cryptme Reviews – Why I Exchange With this Platform?

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The crypto market has been developing dramatically for the last many years now, both in Australia and in the remainder of the world, which is the reason finding the correct cryptocurrency exchange can be a challenging errand for fledglings and experienced dealers the same. In Australia, where there’s an extensive rundown of accessible exchanges, it’s significantly harder to pick the correct one.

To begin with, I wanted to verify the quantity of supported cryptocurrency and on top of my list were best Bitcoin exchange and Ethereum, exchanging sets, and fees on the exchange. At that point, I also wanted to ensure that the organization puts resources into cutting edge security techniques and has a responsive support group prior to joining.

In view of these components, I went out to search online for the platform that would suit me best. I found Cryptme. First, I noticed that it provided the option to exchange Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) at the best rates. Cryptme is an impressive crypto exchange for me in particular because it obliges the requirements of beginners and expert dealers the same.

What I believe makes this exchange so solid is that for Cryptme to choose the best cryptocurrency in the industry, that coins are endorsed by the platform’s Digital Asset Framework first. The assessment depends on measurements like market capitalization, speed, client interest, and so forth, in addition, I purchased the upheld digital forms of money straightforwardly from Cryptme and not from different clients, transforming the platform into a high liquidity financier.

Being an Australian-based platform demonstrates that they acknowledge payments in various manners and, when I passed their KYC confirmation Verification, I was simply able to exchange right away. Nothing extravagant was required for me and the signup was simple.

Once I was set up, I had several methods with which I could make exchanges, so I had to pick one of the accompanying simple payment techniques: VISA, Master Card, or POLI and there are other options too. Cryptme dominates in ensuring clients’ money by having a protection strategy that makes sure my fund and exchanges will at all times be protected.

The platform has an effectively traversable, easy to use inviting interface, just as cutting-edge exchanging choices. I tried not to spare a moment to go along with probably the best exchange for unblemished exchanging experience.

The way into Cryptme’s lifespan is its great first-rate security framework, attributable to its platform’s experience in network protection. Here, I was not only asked to pass the standard two-factor validation to get to my account, however, I likewise had an exceptional Cryptme security code for my account activities, and protection from the last line of safeguard from obscure unknown-party changes.

On account of such exertion, Cryptme has never been effectively assaulted by hackers. The mess-free dashboard loaded up with bright delineations and a calming shading range alludes to the flawless client experience you’re in for at Cryptme. I quickly for some information about my degree of ability and dependent on that, I was diverted to a useful page according to my level.

Platform Execution


  • Offers admittance to top digital currencies.
  • Low fee to support account.
  •  Cryptocurrency is safeguarded on the occasion the site is hacked.
  •  Is a total crypto platform.
  • Offers continuous advancements.
  • Permits you to acquire returns on your deposits.
  • Includes a rapid trade with minimum charges.
  • Offers a crypto-supported reward.


  • Extensive confirmation process

High exchanging volume: I found that Cryptme has an enormous exchanging volume. This is positive since acceptable liquidity decreases the spread (the distinction between the purchase and sell cost) in the request book. As such, the high exchanging volume makes exchanging quicker and less expensive. It is exactly what I wanted in an exchanging platform. The fast execution is a plus since now I don’t have to wait around for the page to load or my transaction to complete in minutes.  

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As a directed crypto platform, Cryptme isn’t a small platform. I had to verify my identity as the organization conforms to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) rules to forestall illegal money laundering and extortion.

If I had to need to expand your purchasing limit, I was asked to verify my location also. This implies that I had to demonstrate my street number by a record containing my name and address. In conclusion, I had to transfer a picture of myself, or my visa, driving permit, or ID card, and credit/debit card.

It all made sure that my funds and account both will be safe with Cryptme and that was a huge relief to me. It is so difficult to find legitimate security regulations in platforms these days and Cryptme has put in an amazing effort. Now I can exchange complete peace and comfort knowing whatever I do on this platform will be well protected.

Extra Security

Cryptme depends on a secure software development lifecycle, where analytical tools break down the code. Its peer surveyed, quality constrained by a full-time staff, and evaluated by outside affirmations through Certik and Quantstamp for keen agreements.

Regarding two-factor validation, Cryptme gives an assortment of choices other than passwords, including biometric Verification, email confirmation, telephone confirmation, and an authenticator.

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Inside Controls

What do these inside controls resemble? They include:

  • A committed group that handles Verification In all deposits for KYC, AML, and ATF consistency
  •  Withdrawal demand screenings to get dubious exchange transactions and speed.
  •  Manual endorsement of all bigger fiat and crypto exchanges utilizing. industry-driving investigation apparatuses and AI with outsider associations.
  • Strict access controls to assets in both cold storage and hot wallets

The security regulations do not stop there, however. Cryptme additionally depends on secure coding, two-factor verification, and withdrawal assurances. I made sure to investigate all those factors and once I was satisfied, I immediately was ready to make an account with Cryptme.

Cryptme Support

The client care of this exchanging platform is tenacious. They are capable of concerning all their customer inquiries. Regardless of the market scene being so occupied, they ensure that each customer is managed. I discovered this support to be truly astonishing. I exceptionally respected the way that they were accessible each time I confronted an issue. The platform doesn’t simply feature its suitable assets.

They are active with their administrations. All I needed to do each time I expected to reach them was either call or email. They do have a possibility for a live chat however I never came to utilize it. For people living outside of Australia the Live Chat becomes very useful for them.

You see there is a disadvantage in their phone contact administration. You can utilize that on the off chance that you are in Australia. This telephone uphold restrictiveness may be a bother for certain individuals. Likewise, there is a lot of traffic on their workers at specific hours. You will find that your request sets aside some effort to be responded to.

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The assistance organization is pretty active with regard to managing input and fixing issues. Your questions may go from Deposit help, Account supervisor call demand, secret word reset, Auto vendor, exchanging platform, Pending withdrawal, Withdrawal interest, Verification, Account conclusion. It doesn’t make a difference how complex the circumstance is, they will consistently figure out how to function you through it. This says a great deal regarding the validity of their administration administrators.


It was important for me to note that in exchange I would be getting some features that included ease of use of the platform. For example, the platform is not complicated at all. It is so simply designed, and the layout Is not exaggerated at all. Anyone who visits the Cryptme site will never find themselves lost.

Everything can be managed on the same page. it is astonishing to me how the layout holds everything on the first page meaning no one has to leave that page to perform other activities. It is especially convenient for a beginner who doesn’t know about exchanging and that is why my first time on this platform was very smooth and welcoming.

The ease of talking to the client service staff was exceptional. They were always available to me for my issues and concerns. It felt like the platform made the client’s ease and comfort.

Is Cryptme Regulated?

Cryptme has assigned risk and consistency to the executive’s officials who ensure administrative consistency on all approaches and strategies. These officials additionally perform customary inside reviews to ensure all administrative necessities remain met. It is a well-regulated platform, and I was able to rest in peace knowing they had everything sorted out.

My Take

The reality: Cryptme is the biggest Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that focuses on the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptme expenses, in any case, are friendly and lesser than certain contenders.

While Cryptme offers alluring security highlights, digital money exchanging is exceptionally stable, They consistently think about the dangers and make sure that all the security regulations are active and upgraded.

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