Top Reasons Why Students Should Apply for GEMS Scholarship at GIIS

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Getting a scholarship can be a great boost to your academics and future endeavors. The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship at Global Indian International School leverages the award-winning framework of the school. The scholarship model is designed to groom students and mold their personalities by honing their inherent traits and natural inclinations. GIIS aims to build a well-rounded personality of all the students as responsible global citizens.

The 9 GEMS framework developed by GIIS strives to create a perfect balance between academia and extracurricular activities. The ideology of preparing students as global citizens is carefully woven in the entire framework.

The 9 GEMS framework is globally recognised for its modern educational practices and unique learning pedagogy that provide holistic education. It has also won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

About 9 GEMS Scholarship:

Let us have a look at the fine details of this scholarship before we discuss the various reasons to apply for the same. The scholarship eligibility and award is divided into three categories. These categories encompass students from different fields of interest and background.

Category A

●       Student should have got recognition in an international event for a skill associated with one of the 9 GEMS

●       Eligible students can avail 9% waiver on the tuition fees

Category B

●       Student should have got recognition in an national event for a skill associated with one of the 9 GEMS

●       Eligible students can avail 6% waiver on the tuition fees

Category C

●       Student should have got recognition in a state/regional event for a skill associated with one of the 9 GEMS

●       Eligible students can avail 3% waiver on the tuition fees

Reasons to Apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship:

1. Recognition: Getting nominated for a prestigious scholarship does put you ahead of your competition. This will actually place you on a platform from where your success and your merits will be prominent. Rewards such as these speak a lot about your talent and calibre, and you should not let such an opportunity go to waste.

2. Opportunity: No matter how deserving you are, if you don’t get the right platform to show your skills, then there is no point honing such skills. This scholarship gives you a chance to be among the best and compete with the best. This is where the competition starts, and you don’t want to stay out of it. If you think that you deserve to be in the big league, then this is your chance to grab that opportunity.

3. Financial Burden: This scholarship gives you a chance to lessen the financial burden on your parents. Step up and make a mark on your own. This scholarship gives you a chance to take your game to another level without leaving a deep hole in your parents’ pockets.

4. Holistic Approach: 9 GEMS scholarships is based on a world-class framework which is designed to transform your overall personality. This is the kind of holistic development that will turn you into a global citizen and prepare you to become a leader of the new world.

How to Apply for 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship:

You can apply for this scholarship with the steps mentioned below. Keep your documents in order and check all the credentials carefully before applying.

Step 1: Application – Submit a duly-filled application form online

Step 2: Documentation – You have to upload all the pre-requisite documents that include:

– Last one year’s academic records

– Certificates, awards, supporting documents in any of the 9 GEMS categories, including Sports, Co-Curricular Activity, Performing Arts, etc.

Step 3: Notification – The shortlisted applicants are informed by email within ten working days.

Step 4: The successfully submitted applications will be assessed thoroughly

Step 5: One-to-one Interview (if applicable)

Step 6: Selected candidates will be identified, and scholarships will be accordingly disbursed

A few important points to note before applying:

1) Any application without appropriate support/ incomplete documents will not be processed.

2) For Sports: Certificates and awards must relate to State/ National/ International-level Sports (team or Individual), SGFI and CBSE Cluster.

3) For Performing Arts: Certificates and awards must relate to Gandharva Mahavidyalaya/ Trinity College London/ Torrins Academy Certification for Dance/ Music/ Musical Instruments; Drawing Exam (elementary/ intermediate) State Government certified.

Hence, applying for the 9 GEMS scholarship will be one of the best decisions that you make for your child. Opportunities like these should not be left aside. The 9 GEMS scholarship highlights GIIS’s commitment to quality education and all-around development of students that extends beyond classroom teaching.

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